Prince of Dreams.

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Prince of Dreams (Stokehurst, #2)Prince of Dreams by Lisa Kleypas

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Rating: 4 stars

I am so immensely relieved that what I had predicted about the Stokehurst series was true. As it turns out the previous book (Midnight Angel) was just an appetizer to this lovely main course. I didn't really enjoy Midnight Angel as much as I enjoyed Prince of Dreams which had all the elements to make a good historical romance read. Prince Nikki is a great hero with lots of secrets that are fun to discover as they are slowly unveiled. Also, I love the fact that he did not shy from his feelings and was man enough to own up to it. Despite his flaws, I was seriously falling head over heels for this guy, and that is essential in a romantic novel such as this. The female protagonist is lovable as well. Very head strong and stubborn. Kinda reminds me of Beatrix Hathaway (one of Lisa Kleypas's other series) 'cos she's so into animals and is a social outcast. My only pet-peeve is how cynical she is about compliments and how she seems to be unable to ACCEPT that she's pretty. I mean, geez, gurl. How many times do I have to hear her blow off compliments.

The story mostly centers around Nikki's story which is strangely interlinked with his ancestor's story. And how they were somehow reincarnated and fell in love again in another lifetime. Showing how Emelia and Nikolai somehow managed to be together in the end, only after afew hundred years of being apart. It's really romantic. This is NOT for the once-in-a-while chick lit or romantic comedy type of readers. These are for those hardcore romantics. And because I am one, this book was very enjoyable from the start to the end. There was an easy flow and I can't help but seriously root for Nikki to get the happy ending that he deserved after such a horrendous childhood in Russia.

Lisa Kleypas did not disappoint in this story that had a mixture of old english and old russia, which I thought was a breath of fresh air to the stuffy english atmosphere that most historical romance novels are set in. The story is paced well (although a bit draggy at the parts where they were describing Nikolai's story) and really great characters. Definitely a keeper!

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