Book Haul #2.

8:07 PM

Hello everybody!

Today was a really awesome day, only damper to my day is this MASSIVE-O headache as I am typing this entry. Like SUPER bad, but I can't really take much painkillers and stuff. 'Cos I'm on other medications. And I dun wanna screw my body up, as it is already screwed up. I dunno why but maybe it's 'cos of the medication I've been taking but I have been SO EXHAUSTED everytime I get home. THE MOMENT I get home, I just feel like I MUST get into bed NOW. It's so scary. I even slept at 9pm last night. And couldn't wake up to meet Munira this morning for our book shopping trip (she's my official Book Buddy). THAT IS SO STRANGE. 'Cos usually my body clock is wired. I would immediately wake up at 6.30am - 7am without fail. With or without alarm. Everyday. So I would either go to work or go back to bed. But now I just feel SO EXHAUSTED, like my head is being stuffed with tissues and my eyes are dry and sore. I feel like I cannot get enough sleep. IT IS SO STRANGE. My body is seriously messing up. I dunno what the hell is going on, but I'm pretty sure it's the antibiotics that the doctor gave me.

I went to my GP as he has my entire health history to see what the fuck is going on with my skin. I mean, I have had perfectly normal skin, not too oily not too dry for years. Even as a teenager and BAM. Suddenly it freaks out, gets super oily and I get acne. Something is wrong. And my breakouts were getting SO BAD. Like all over my face such that I couldn't even cover them up with make-up. It's horrible. I really felt like crying my eyes out and hiding under a bridge like some monster. 'Cos I look like a monster. The doctor was shocked as well when he saw my face. He thinks it must be some hormonal change. We're hoping it's temporary. I wanted to get on Roaccutane and get RID of my oiliness and acne once and for all. But he didn't wanna poison me and start me out on smth to strong. So he prescribed a cream and antibiotics first. I have to go back to him after a month, I dunno if it's the medication, but my eyes are SO SORE and tired and my head is stuffy and I AM SO EXHAUSTED SO EASILY. Whatever, I just want my skin to clear up. Or else I won't be able to go out, ever.

Yes, so it's really bad for me at the moment. So I felt like to accompany me on my days at home, being sick. I thought I should get some new books, seeing as I am done reading all the books from my previous haul. I was meeting Munira this morning at Kino, 'cos she was gonna buy me a book as a belated b'day present. Also, I was lending her a HUGE BAG of books to bring to Qatar to read over her month holiday there. I had a list of books I wanted to check out, but I was disappointed that Kino didn't stock a few of them. So then, Munira just got me the book that I have been DYNG to read called, 'My Last Duchess' by Daisy Goodwin.

LOOK at how pretty the cover is!! I know I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but whatever. The nicer the books look, the more I wanna buy them. Fonts and covers play a HUGE role my decision making for books, okay. They have to look all pretty on my shelf. Anw, this is not your average historical romance, but it is set in 1890s America. It's about a spoilt heiress and her journey as she matures in society. I am sooooooo excited to read this, I CAN'T EVEN contain myself. This is DEFINITELY the next book I'm attacking after I am done with the current one I am reading.

WHICH IS 'Skinny' by Diana Spechler.

I bought this book last week, when I happened to be in town. I just popped by Kino, just to see if there's anything new and stuff. WRONG MOVE. I KNEW I shouldn't step in there unless I have prepared some back up cash for impulsive buying. I saw this book which is about emotional eating and obesity and the connection between food and a person. I decided to just read afew pages to see what it's like. I ended up reading 4 chapters standing up, and so I just got the damn book. My legs were getting numb anyway. I shall do a review once I'm done with it.

Getting back to today, I was really happy with my single purchase at Kino. Munira bought 2 other books there so she will have LOTS to read. That plus the books I lent her (LIKE ALOT). We got to sit down and talk for a while as she gulps down her breakfast, naturally I ate the leftovers that she couldn't finish (I just dun like to waste food, Haha. It's a pet-peeve thing). She had to go off early for work so I was in town, ALONE... AGAIN. I decided to go to Starbucks and redeem my free drink that my SUPER SWEET colleague gave me (along with a Starbucks tumbler) on my last day on the job, yesterday. I got my green tea latte and was walking around, sipping it from my tumbler (I felt so cool and environmentally friendly) and munching on my sun-dried tomato bagel from Bread Society (my FAVE thing EVER). I felt super happy, and for a BRIEF moment, I forgot all about my acne problems and my looming uni major and module decisions. It felt SO good. My good-feeling lead me to wander into Borders, eventhough I'm usually a Kino Girl. They sell books at a cheaper price AND there is a larger variety compared to Borders. But I dunno, I wandered in...

And bought 3 books. JUST LIKE THAT. I dunno what came over me. Borders has this buy 2 get 1 free thing. And I thought it was gonna be those lousy books. 'Cos they weren't books on my actual 'To-Read' list. I usually stick to my list religiously. After all, I researched on those books and know all the reviews they got. BUT I DUNNO. Must be the good feelings, messing up my rational thoughts.

I got 'The Red Queen' by Philippa Gregory.

This was the BOOK that made me wanna enjoy the promotion. I mean, might as well, right? I was planning to sort of read this book anyway. Not really this book, I wanted to read 'The Other Boleyn Girl' by the same author. But I might as well read this anyway. I was hard choosing between 'The Red Queen' and 'The White Queen', which is sort of a parallel story. I chose the red one. 'Cos I generally prefer red. Stupid reason, but as I told you. I left all rational thought outside when I wandered into Borders, against my better judgement.

Then I took FOREVER picking the next two books 'cos I dun wanna waste my money on lousy books. After circling the ENTIRE store, looking at all the books with the '3 for 2' sticker. I found two books that I am genuinely excited to read. They are not my usual cup of tea, but I thought I should try something different and sort of challenge myself. I got 'The Death Instinct' by Jed Rubenfeld.

It's a suspense, detective thriller set in the 1920s. Like Sherlock Holmes on crack. From the synopsis and comments, it looks like it has a very complex plot. Hence, I wanna get crackin' on this book soon.

I also got 'Found Wanting' by Robert Goddard.

This is another thriller... I think. It's some mystery that this dude has to solve and he has to go from London to Northern Europe and look into history of the Romanovs and how his present is completely changed due to the happenings in the past. I dunno WHY I got this to be honest. But I just felt like it's gonna be a twisty mystery that involves the Tsar and Russian history (which I am kinda interested in, thanks to Prince of Dreams). This one I literally just grabbed 'cos it looked like it's a quality book. So, I'm curious to see if my gut feeling was right.

Hmmm, I just realized that ALL the books I bought today has something to do with the past/history or is SET in the past. What is up with me? Am I like obsessed with the past or what? I guess I am just tired of contemporary novels (especially chick lit). I think I've grown tired of them. And ever since I got into Regency Novels, I am turning into a historical fiction freak. I'm hoping to branch into something else the next time I visit Kino/Borders.

I probably will stay AWAY from those places at the moment, until I done going through my haul purchases. 'Cos I KNOW, I will just end up purchasing something that happened to catch my eye while I'm there. It's awful. I should think that after 21 years, I would have some restraint, but apparently, I lack that and logical thinking when it comes to shopping.

I MIGHT only step in there to sign up for their membership/privilege cards. I never really NEEDED these, but I have been BUYING books NONSTOP lately. So I thought I should at least get a discount the next time I buy them. I mean, it is better than always going there and paying full price for everything. I thought my sudden thirst for books would wear off, or is some sort temporary possession of some spirit. But apparently, it's been sticking. And perhaps getting worse, so I SHOULD get a membership card thingy.

ANYWAYS, I AM SO HAPPY with my purchases. I went into town thinking I was gonna just get one book and ended up with my largest book haul yet. GOSH.

OH, and Borders had this autograph signing session by Lauren Kate, who is the author of the 'Fallen' series. She's a new york times bestseller author! But there weren't many people there as I think the event wasn't advertised well. I mean, I didn't know of it. I just happened to be there. And I thought I should just buy her book and get her autograph at the same time. I felt kinda bad for her and it's a win-win situation. BUT THEN, I sort of read the synopsis and I managed to find an open book... Duuuddeee. I couldn't waste my money on that. It's just NOT my thing. It's a young adult novel about fallen angels and magical creatures, I dunno. Something twilight-y. It just gave a SUPER twilight vibe. And the dialogue and everything... I was like, Sorry, Girl. I ain't buying this, eventhough I wanna help you out and get your autograph and stuff. I am allergic to twilight-vibes.

I was gonna talk about my last day of work and other schtuff, but my head is killing me. I'm gonna just grab some green tea, read afew pages and knock out.

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