Where She Went.

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Where She Went (If I Stay, #2)Where She Went by Gayle Forman

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rating: 2.5 stars

Maybe it's 'cos I read 'If I stay' and totally underestimated it, but I felt like I over-estimated this one. And it fell below my expectations. Which was a bummer as I would have loved to love this book as much as the previous one. After all, it picks up from where the last book left of and even better, from Adam's point-of-view. So I though I would like the new perspective on Mia's tragic life. But now I wished that I hadn't gone inside Adam's mind, 'cos it totally changed my opinion of him. And not for the better.

The plot picks from up from the last book but fast forward a few years and things have changed drastically. Mia and Adam were no longer together, eventhough both of them are becoming really successful and making their mark in the music world. Adam's band has gone to become grammy winning and attained commercial success but Adam is emotionally and mentally a failure. He TOTALLY changed. I don't even recognise the person I'm reading about. He's dependent on drugs and cigarettes and sex to somehow forget Mia and fill in some sort of void that even he can't explain in his life. And all he does throughout the book is MOAN and COMPLAIN and EMO all the freakin' time. I swear it was SO WHINY. I could barely stand it. He was drowning himself in so much self-pity that I couldn't add any sympathy to whatever it is that he is experiencing. As in, I get it that he's in alot of pain. But I don't need a reminder every 3 sentences. The pace was really slow as well. Nothing much happens. Most of it was just flashbacks and explanations as to why Adam was spiraling into depression when in reality, he was doing this to himself. It was Mia's family who died, it was Mia who had to go through all that surgery and therapy and shit and HE is the one WALLOWING in depression?! I'm like ARE YOU SERIOUS, BOY?

There were some sweet moments and certain images were good. But it left me feeling rather empty. Devoid of emotions,unlike the first book that snuck up and totally tore at my heart strings. This book explored distances between people, love, grief, anger and letting go. But instead of allowing the readers to experience it, I felt that these issues were merely described and reported. Not allowing me to connect with Adam and from an uninvolved reader, Adam's whining got really annoying. The ending was rather sweet although it was totally not satisfying at all. I was like WTH?! That's IT?!! We were left hanging again. But not in the mysterious, heart-stopping way as the last book. Instead, it was ended in a rather lame and uncertain way. There is no indication of their future together. Plus, I honestly, don't think that one night was enough for them to face the problems and the walls that are between Adam and Mia. They were apart for 3 years and then after one magical POOF!! All is forgotten and they somehow found the courage to get together and start the relationship afresh?! Pretty unbelievable.

On the lighter note, Adam's thoughts could be what celebs are thinking and his problems could be what they are suffering from as well. Being in the public eye and everything, but maybe it's just me, but I find it hard to sympathize with a rock star who has everything. So I felt that the only good thing was that he traded his stardom for Mia. 'Cos you can't have everything in life and it is an indication of the pure and sincere love I caught a glimpse of in the previous book.

Overall, the last book was better. I was deeply underwhelmed by this sequel. But perhaps my expectations were too lofty.

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