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UGH. WHY JUDITH, WHY?!! WHY must there ALWAYS be a STUPID, gargantuan misunderstanding between the two characters?! And WHY must the two leads be SO MIND-NUMBINGLY STUPID that they cannot avoid this situation at all?! THIS BOOK ('Until You' by Judith McNaught) is making me all sorts of emotionally distraught and frustrated and annoyed. It's exactly like 'Whitney, My Love' but like even more frustrating 'cos these people are SO STUPID. UGH. Plus Whitney and Clayton is there to ADD to the stupidity. UUGGGHHHH!!



I need a BREAK to gather my wits 'cos this book is picking at my patience like a needle to a scab. I knew this moment was coming when Sherry (the female lead) was gonna regain her memory. I knew there would be some major ass conflict. 'Cos that is the only thing that can happen. So I have foreseen this. But what I could not foresee was the STUPID, BASELESS conclusions that everyone immediately jumps into. They immediately think the worst in each other and they make the stupidest decisions like RUNNING AWAY instead of explaining. I'm like, "GURL, what the hell you go running away for?!!! GO SIT your ass down and EXPLAIN to him that you HAD NO IDEA you were not Charise." And then she went to Nicholas Duville's (this hot French dude that I loved since the previous book in the series. He's the ONLY silver lining to this story and the only character I like) instead and I was screaming, "YOU STUPID GIRL!! UGHHHHH!! Now he'll just think you're a SLUT. WHY ARE YOU ACTING LIKE THE GUILTY ONE?! HE LIED TO YOU TOO!!!" and then the LAST STRAW was this entire chapter devoted on how Stephen (the male lead) thought the ABSOLUTE worst in Sherry and thought her to be a deceiver and a schemer when like a freakin' chapter ago he was professing his undying love to her and proposing. YOU BAFOONIC, MORONIC, IDIOTIC, FICKLE MAN!!! How am I supposed to ever believe in their 'love' when they doing this shit to each other?!

THEN when Sherry wants to finally face him. He brings TWO GIRLS dangling on his arms, to rub it in her face. I was like "No, no. nooooooo, you didn't just do that, boy!!"


And then Whitney and Clayton had to join the 'Stupid Party' by blaming Sherry too. I was thinking furiously to myself, Why are these idiots still here? They are like presidents of the Stupid Party, I guess they cannot be outdone by Sherry and Stephen. I cannot begin to describe my reluctance to read the next few chapters before they reconcile. It would be nothing but absolute TORTURE. I am so tempted to just SKIP that entire chunk and go straight to the end where I know they will somehow be together. And then there're these irrational and unnecessary flashbacks of Whitney and Clayton's story, along with conversations between the two. I DUN NEED A REMINDER OF THEIR STUPIDITY.

Dun get me wrong, I really do like this book. As in the first half of it. But I simply dun have the patience for the gigantic misunderstandings and false presumptions and assumptions that ALL the Westmoreland Series books have. THANKFULLY, 'Kingdom of Heaven' was not like that. And only the girl was stupid (especially when she betrayed her husband by siding with the enemy), but at least Royce Westmoreland was a proper character who THINKS. But Clayton and Stephen Westmoreland are idiots. Like I would NEVER have married them or even FORGIVEN them if I were the female character. But then again, the females are equally stupid so I guess they deserve each other.

I realize I sound like I despise these books. It's just that I'm at a very emotional moment right now. So, I have to vent out all my frustrations somewhere. And no one else is here to listen to my ramblings. Hence I just type them out. BUT HONESTLY, they are just getting on my nerves. I can sooooo predict that Stephen's probably gonna be drowning himself in alcohol and sleeping around, maybe he'll go back to Helene (the courtesan) and be the most emo Earl around. Moping in self-pity. I SWEAR I really dun like Stephen! Ever since the start of the book where he was all arrogant and thinking SO LOWLY of women ('cos he was betrayed by one but WHATEVER. His attitude stinks) and then I was half driven to madness at his long ass whiny self-loathing, where he just arrogantly assumed that everything was his fault. I mean, I have NEVER read about a more whiny, arrogant, cynical and frankly, stupid Hero EVER. I really liked Stephen in the previous book 'cos he was so charming and easy-going. Now, he turned into another 'Clayton'. WORSE. Version 2.0, upgrade in stupidity, bad decisions and horniness.

I have to get this book done by TONIGHT. I will force myself to read it all the way to the end. 'Cos tmr, Munira and I will be having a Book Haul at Kino and we're gonna be buying new books. I wanna clear some off my to-read list before I start on a new one. I wanna start on my new book this weekend. I'm really excited! I always get super excited when I buy new products or books. It just makes me feel so happy. Right now, I just have to get through this one and hope that my eyes are still in their sockets after I'm done, 'cos I probably would be rolling them non-stop.


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