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I have finally, finally finished that book 'Until You'. Thankfully I didn't have to lose so much sleep 'cos it finished a lot quicker than expected. Mostly 'cos the ending was SO rushed, it totally left me unsatisfied after the torture they had put me through at the first part of the novel. I mean seriously, Stephen's "apology" was a few short pages and it was so insincere and pretentious that I was hoping against all hope that Sherry would just flung the apology back to his face. For all the pain that he had caused her and his stupid, smart-ass attitude, he should be no less than groveling on the floor and begging for forgiveness before Sherry can even CONSIDER giving him a second chance. He made Nicholas LIE to her to get her to meet him and then purposely met at a church, with a vicar on standby. He already decided for himself that they were to marry. And just 'cos HE decided it, he ASSUMED that she will just fling herself into his arms after a few murmurs of apologies and sweet nothings so had the vicar on standby to seal the deal. HONESTLY, what kind of pompous apology is that?! He barely even apologized. Actually, he just proposed to her. That's it. That was the big apology and reconciliation. I felt so cheated. And then at the end, Sherry's family just appeared out of nowhere after being absent almost 90% of the novel. Which is ridiculous as Sherry and her dad had a very close relationship. I'm sure he would've played an active role in the plot, if he weren't "thrown in jail" for gambling. LIKE WTF?! It's as if Judith completely forgot about them and just THREW them in at the end to wrap up the story quickly.

Whatever it is. I am GLAD it is over. SO that I focus on my new books.

OH BY THE WAY, GUESS WHAT?! I FOUND RETRIBUTION!! As in the book by Jilliane Hoffman. MY FAVE thriller of all time. I have been searching for it for very long. But I can never seem to find it. ANYWHERE. Not even KINO. And I thought that I would have to resort to ordering it online, which is such a hassle. So I kept putting it off. UNTIL TODAY. By some miracle, I was browsing through 'Page One' Bookstore at Vivo City. I've been there tons of times as it was near my workplace. But it never occurred to me to search for that book there. I was always buying smth else. Then For some reason, I just had this gut instinct and strange inclination to go to 'Page One' specifically to check out Jilliane's books. And coincidentally on that day, they started the 20% off members thing that they had discontinued for quite some time. THEN VOILA!! I FOUND IT!! One rather tattered looking copy hidden in an inconspicuous corner. ONE copy left. I practically SCREAMED in joy. Then I rushed to get my friend's member card so I even managed to get it at 20% OFF!! WHAT LUCK!! It was so weird but I just went there 'cos I felt like it to check and there you go. It must've been God' will or smth. Some divine force was behind my reunion with this book. That is the ONLY plausible reason.

The point is, I GOT IT!! I'm gonna re-read it and share it will all my friends so that they won't miss out on such an awesome story. That's the point of owning books, so that you can share the love.

Today, I wore my hair in curly pigtails to work with my blue combat boots 'cos it's casual Friday. So I can be myself. Everyone stared at me all weird. I guess that's expected, 'cos no one in the right mind would dress this way to work, eve if it is casual Friday. Which apparently doesn't exist to some ppl. Casual Friday is my fave day of the week! =D I think I look like a teen in my outfit today, especially with my hair in two low ponytails and less make-up. I thought the security was gonna stop me. But I think they are used to me already with my outlandish way of dressing. LOL!

ALSO, I had a huge ass book haul today. I bought 3 books in total (like a BOSS. I NEVER buy so many at once.) and I'll be getting another book as a present from Munira, once she gets her pay. LOL. I felt kinda guilty but kinda exhilarated as well. I dunno how to explain. I get this HUGE RUSH when I look at the books and there's this huge explosion where in my head I'm just chanting, "OMG I WANNA GET THIS! I MUST GET THIS! I WOULD SO READ THIS". But there's just soooo many. I usually have to take hours to cut-down and then finally decide on one. But today, I decided I should just buy what I want. I still had to cut down though. LOL! There was way too many. But I definitely bought more than usual. I felt so cool at the counter. So here's all I got today:

This is Jilliane Hoffman's 'Retribution'. I'm gonna read this only when I'm done with the rest in my reading list. LOL, which would take some time seeing as I have a long-ass reading list. But I've already read this before. I just bought it 'cos it was wayyyyy too good to not have. AND I've been searching for this book since forever. SO YAYY!! I am so glad I finally got it. =D

Then I got 'Prince of Dreams' by Lisa Kleypas. You all know how much I love her books. This is one of her older series in the 1990s. I already have the first book in the series, this is the second one. I am REALLY EXCITED to read this 'cos it's thicker than the previous book and I am interested in the continuation. It's a historical romance genre book which I was SET on getting, the moment I was thinking what to get from KINO. I HAVE to get at least one book from this genre, man. It wouldn't be right if I didn't.

FINALLY, I got 'Before I fall' by Lauren Oliver. This was the last book on the shelf as well. I'm really glad I got it 'cos it's rather difficult to find as well. This had RAVE reviews. I was recommended to try this one since I liked 'If I stay' so much. Apparently it's also a young adult novel. Which bums me out, as I dun really like teen books. But I would keep an open mind for this one. As I heard it was written well AND the story is about living the last day of your life over and over again. Sounds so interesting, I'm gonna read this one FIRST!

I'm REALLY HAPPY at my haul 'cos I realized I got one from every genre of books that I like! I got a thriller, romance and slice-of-life young adult genre. So I didn't just waste it on only one genre. And opted for variety, although it was a subconscious decision.

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