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Today, I think I read the most hilarious description ever written. I literally laughed and had to clamp my hand over my mouth when I read it and was shocked that such a phrase escaped the eyes of the publisher. It was in Judith McNaught's book 'Until You'. This isn't saying that she's a bad writer. I mean, it's not like Stephanie Meyer-bad. It's just the super exaggerated sort of weird and awkward phrasing. It must be a freak accident 'cos she usually write beautifully. In describing a tender moment between the two protagonists, he looked at her with "a smile so warm it could have baked bread".


IT COULD HAVE BAKED BREAD!! WTF?!! OMG, you have no idea how much my cheeks hurt from repressing my grin when I read this. IT IS SO FUNNY. Who in the hell would say that?! Is that even a compliment?! HAHA! I kept imagining a bakery with his bread-baking smile. LOLOLOL!!! I can't get over this line seriously! I wrote it on my post-it pad, so that whenever I need a laugh, I just look over and TADA. I too would have a smile that can bake bread… HAHAHAHA!

YOU KNOW, it's almost as bad as one of those super BAD pick-up lines. Like "You're so hot, I'm melting" or in this case, "With a body so hot, you could fry an egg." LOLOLOLOL!! WHO in the hell would say this shit?! HAHA!


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