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Seriously, I have to stop reading these Historical Romance novels. They are messing with my brain in a very alarming manner and I think I might be going slightly insane 'cos of them.

FIRST of all, they tend to make me daydream and do tons of wishful thinking. Which is so not me. I tend to only do wishful thinking when I'm with Diy and we discuss our future and 'What ifs'. But now, I catch myself staring into space when I'm listening to sappy songs (that I've started to listen to more often) and dreaming about stupid things that I am too embarrassed to even type out 'cos they are SO STUPID. It's moronic. GOSH, these books are transforming me into some sort of sappy romantic SAP. I have to literally SNAP myself out of it and get my head screwed on straight. I mean, not like a dashing tall and muscular knight/earl/duke will come GALLOPING on a white horse and sweep me off my mrt seat, just 'cos I am dreaming about it.

SECONDLY, I've started to speak all of weird. As you all know, I have a fondness for the regency era. Constantly wishing I was born then, eventhough it only rocks to be born then if I am part of the Noble Ton or the Quality (which is just a term referring to the posh ppl with blue blood). For the peasants and servants, especially women, it would suck to be born in that era. And c'mon, NO INTERNET and NO BUBBLE TEA and NO MATCHA GREEN TEA and NO VIDEO GAMES and NO MAKE-UP… That would be a dark and brutal world. Not to mention UGLY world. But still, I just love all the other aspects of it. So now, I'm even starting to speak like them. Usually I do it in my head, or when I'm talking to myself. But it's been spilling into my normal speech in the most worrisome way. Like my friend told me that she managed to convince her parents into letting her go abroad with her friends and my immediate reaction was, "My heartiest felicitations!!". I ACTUALLY TYPED that out on my phone and sent it to her without thinking. But you know, friends dun judge other friends so she just replied with 'LOL'. You know, a 21st century term. I was amazed at myself. Who in the HELL SAYS THAT?! FELICITATIONS!! UGH. ALSO, like how last time I used to bow ALL the time thanks to all the Japanese manga and anime I was reading, now I've started to CURTSY. Especially when I wear my swishy skirts to work. I accidentally curtsied at the dude who held open the door for me to go into the office. It wasn't like a FULL-BLOWN, your-royal-highness sort of curtsy. But I did bob down while holding my skirt while saying "Thank you". The dude was ANGMOH some more. I was thinking, GREAT, HANAN, GREAT. You have just INSULTED his culture and tradition and probably disrespected his ancestors and maybe even Abraham Lincoln. Not to mention the Queen of England. GREAT JOB, DOUCHEBAG. So I just rushed off, but he was smiling so I assumed that he wasn't too insulted. I abstain from wearing swishy skirts now. Just in case I get the compulsion to curtsy again.

THIRDLY, I've been drinking RIDICULOUS amounts of tea. Not like bubble tea or bottled tea, but hot tea. I keep making tea for myself and drinking them all the time. Nothing wrong with that. But too much tea is still not that healthy for my body. Especially since I drink them with enough sugar to kill a diabetic and to send a normal human into a sugar coma. I can't help it that I like my tea to be sweet. Plus I hate condense milk, so I just used sugar. AND TONS OF IT. I tried to lessen it but I just ended up forcing myself to drink it, not enjoying it at all. Which defeats the purpose of drinking tea in the first place. Along with the tea, I've been eating lots of sweet pastries and brownies. =( WHICH IS BAD 'COS I am gaining weight. I'm supposed to cut down not eat MORE. But they are always having tea and tarts and scones in the books. I always find myself craving for those things, thanks to my insufferable sweet tooth. HOW do those women keep thin after eating all that tea and cakes?! Oh, right! THEY ARE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS!! UGHHHH. So annoyed with myself, right now.

Other things as well like me going, "OH MY LORD" instead of OMFG, as I usually would. (But that is also Tobuscus and Assassin's Creed's influence. HAHA) Also, lately I've been wearing less and less makeup and pushing my hair out of my face (even revealing my forehead. WHICH I NEVER EVER DO in public) and tying in braids. But I can't seem to stop myself. I KNOW, I dun look good in it. But I dun seem to care and I keep going for the 'natural' vibe 'cos the characters I've been reading, dun wear any make-up and like wearing their hair in braids and keep their bangs off their faces. BUT the difference is that they were in a different era so they didn’t have a choice, and they are natural gorgeous and flawless and THEY DON'T EXIST. GOODNESS.

I am literally giving myself a reality check so that I dun get so caught up the whole regency thing. Next thing you know I'll be wearing corsets (and I do own some. LOL) and lace gloves. I think part of the reason I've been talking to myself and blogging, almost everyday is And losing myself in these stories 'cos I dun have anyone to talk to. No one to gab and gossip and chat with. No one online, no one by text either 'cos everyone is all just way too busy to spare me any really. So I have to resort to turning to books and practically immersing myself in them. Perhaps a tad bit too immersed, seeing as I have started acting like someone from the 1800s. I tell myself IT'S OKAY. You know why? 'Cos 25th June is coming and when Jen arrives, I'll have someone to talk to. FINALLY. 'Cos that's what we always do. Now that she's coming back, the HUGE gaping hole that she left when she was gone would be filled again. =) I honestly CANNOT WAIT. She'll be spending her weekend with her family, but at least I can text her. HOPEFULLY, if all goes well, she and I can have a sleepover next week. =)

Then goodbye lonely Bookworm, hello social butterfly!

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