Lazy Saturday.

11:16 PM


I had a wonderful day at home, with the rain outside making me lazy to do anything (except eat non-stop and drink unhealthy amounts of tea). So I had a really 'unproductive' day. No shopping, no even looking through things that I wanna buy on the internet. although, I already have a mental list in my head.

It's like my shopping list NEVER ever decreases. Once I've bought smth, another thing pops up. Which explains why I am perpetually broke. I brought it upon myself, really. Right now, I am thinking of getting a make-up brush set. 'Cos I am INSPIRED by Lisa Edridge, who is a professional make-up artist for the star and for leading magazines like Vogue and stuff. But she does youtube videos and tutorials. And seriously, this Lady is a make-up wizard. Right in front of my eyes, she turned a splotchy acne-suffering teen into a FLAWLESS, radiant photo-ready star. It was AMAZING. I wish I could do that to myself. I thought I was good at make-up. Apparently, I am absolute rubbish. So I am learning tons from her. For all my girlfriends, you HAVE to check her out. She is so amazing.

Okay, so now I am bent on getting myself a proper make-up brush kit and expanding my make-up collection. Which is pretty dismal. I have lots of lipsticks... But that's about it. And blushers?? Though I dun really know to use it. I dun even have a proper foundation or concealer or proper eyeshadow palettes I can use. I DO WEAR alot of make-up. Despite what it might seem. I never leave the house without make-up on. Like EVER. 'Cos my face without is just MONSTROUS. People might stone me to death, thinking I'm a creature from Aliens Vs Predators. But it's mostly just eyeliner and mascara and powder. I need the WORKS. Keetha has a gigantic make-up collection. I WAS SO ENVIOUS. Like OMG. HUGE collection of everything. It's a wonder why someone who wears SO LITTLE makeup could have SO much lying around at her place. I was shocked myself.

Besides that I have a few more books in mind to buy. I'm thinking of buying them all at once. In one huge Kinokuniya Haul. I bought a book to read over the weekend (which was what I was doing the entire day) and I had such a hard time picking out what to buy. It was like choosing tops and then realizing that they all look good on you, so you wanna buy all of them, but you only have enough for one. It's the most frustrating situation ever. And then you see these bitches with armloads of clothes (or books, in this case) at the counter, ready to pay without even blinking an eye at the financial consequences of their actions and you're like...


Well, that was the look I gave them. Especially this lady with a BASKET filled to the brim with books. I was like, DUDE. Do you live in some alternate dimension where you have ALL the time in the world to read THAT much?! But I know that was just me being bitter and jealous 'cos I would NEVER be capable of doing that. At most I'll buy like THREE at one go. But I hardly do more than that. This friday, however, I'm hoping to meet up with Munira and we can go Book Shopping together!!

YAY!! I have FOUND someone who doesn't get bored and waits around for me when I'm at the bookstore. All my other friends get so bored when I'm there. SO I tend to go myself. Which isn't nearly as fun. 'Cos it's the same principle as shopping. You would need a second opinion and stuff. What if you buy the wrong book and it's a total waste of your money?! I have made some BAD shopping decisions, man. And 99% of it was done ALONE. Emotional Shopping (done alone) is THE DEVIL.

I finished the J.D Robb book today. The first of her 'In Death' series titled "Naked in Death". I went in there totally blind 'cos Cherlyn recommended it. So I assumed it was good. And at first I was like, "WHAT SHIT IS THIS?!", practically GAGGING at the futuristic setting with their passcodes and autochef and weird as things like lasers and stuff. DUN JUDGE ME. I like sci-fi stuff as much as the next person. I mean, heelloooo~ Star Wars fan here. But I just find the whole setting kinda childish. And I never really liked reading books about the future. I prefered to watch 'cos then the graphics would leave me at awe. But it was bearable. After a while I got used to it, and I focused on the characters and plot and the mystery. WHICH BY THE WAY, was not much of a mystery at all. Like a quarter of the way though, after some very non-subtle clues, I had already decided in my brain that the murderer had an accomplice and I ALREADY KNEW who the two killers were. I was like this is so DUH! I just read on to see if I'm right.

And I was.


HAHA! I hate being right when it comes to mysteries and thriller. It just takes the twist-edge out of the entire story. And then there is no surprise element. The only thing that got me emotional was the whole incest thing. That creeped me out 'cos it's so gross. But the entire plot was so predictable. At least for me it was. Maybe 'cos I've read so many, and since this one wasn't such a complicated read, it was easy for me to guess. I was quite disappointed though. AND the female lead is SO ANNOYING. I can't seem to feel a single shred of sympathy for her. Eventhough she had such a horrid past. And I dunno why that is so. Maybe I just need to get to know her better. She's just SO rude and vulgar, though. I can't get myself past her dialogue which just offends me. The male lead, Roarke, on the other hand is WAY TOO PERFECT. So perfect that it's almost hilarious. But he was the only factor that made me kept going till the end. I won't rule this series out just yet. I mean, it's the first book, so it's bound to be not as entertaining? I will give it another chance. After I'm done with the books on my 'To-Read' list.

ALSO, I am gonna watch 'Ballet Shoes' which is a movie with Emma Watson in it. AND it is set in the old times. SO naturally I LOVE IT. I love the old English-style clothes and the classic vintage make-upon Emma Watson just looks DIVINE. I doubt I have ever seen her looking more beautiful than in this film. DAMN YOU, EMMA. Why must you be so pretty?!!



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