Judith's Kingdom.

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As suspected, 'Kingdom of Dreams' was just OMG. SO freaking good. I'm quite apprehensive about liking everything an author writes, unless it's Harry Potter 'cos, well, it's Harry Potter. How can anyone NOT like the whole thing? But Judith McNaught is turning into such a guilty pleasure. I feel like such a sappy, emotional dimwit when I get excited over her books when I KNOW the usual twist and turns of the story well. I mean, after you've read one or two, you can figure out her style as well as the flow of her stories. Most romance novels are like that. They are just SO predictable. But that isn't the author or the genre's fault. It's just people, in general. They are very predictable when in 'love' or in some sort of romantic relationship. Plus, movies are a dead give-away. However, eventhough I KNOW what's gonna happen. I still get completely sucked into the whole story, which makes me think that my brain needs a little sharpening.

For instance, during the course of 'Kingdom of Dreams' I was practically screaming, "YOU STUPID GIRL HOW CAN YOU DO THAT TO HIM?! DAMN YOU SCOTLAND!" at the last scene when she sided with her Scottish family rather than sit by the side of her English husband. EVENTHOUGH her father practically SOLD her to two men and no one there even gives a rat's ass about her. Since I was at work at that time, reading during lunch break, I had to let out my inner screams but viciously yelling, "STUPID. STUPID. STUPID. UGGHH OMG." Which got a few of my colleagues worried that I might have some sort of self-esteem issues or like depression issues where I verbally abuse myself. SO, that will teach me a lesson. Never read Judith's novels at work. 'Cos it just gets me too emotional. GEEZ. I finished it in a few days. Sometimes I had to take a break 'cos I was so pissed with the girl (that always seems to be the case in romance novels), I mean talk about stabbing in the back… TWICE. How can she keep humiliating him like that. AND MAN, how can you just tolerate her doing this to you?! But the ending was satisfactory. I wouldn't have been able to forgive her if she hadn't literally gone down on her knees in front of everyone. FINALLY, she got rid of that stupid 'Merrick' Pride which I had come to dislike immensely. OVERALL, a good one! Royce is seriously like TONS better than Clayton 'cos he doesn't make dumb and wild false conclusions about the person he loves. And he's a lot smarter and willing to sacrifice a lot more for the people he cares about. I kinda think Clayton is a jerk. HAHA!

Right now, I am left with only 'Until You' in Judith's Westmoreland series. And then I am done. Like with all her historical genre books. I am quite reluctant to get started on her contemporary novels. Somehow I find the love relationships presented in contemporary novels are either too unrealistic or too realistic? I dunno how to express my discomfort everytime I read a contemporary romance novel. It's just that the setting is too real and the relationship is too unreal. Or something like that. And I hardly ever tear up when the protagonist dies of some disease or gets killed at war or somewhere along those lines. I dunno, they just dun compel me. Somehow 'cos the historical romance is in a very fairy-tale-like, past setting, I feel more comfortable reading about those undying loves. I guess that is probably why I can't seem to enjoy Nicholas Sparks novels, which I find rather slow, actually. It's just personal preference. I think the stories make for good movies though!

I am also trying out the J.D. Robb 'In Death' series. 'Cos it was Cherlyn's recommendation. But we have such different likes when it comes to books. I had such a difficult time getting into the story 'cos it was set in the freaking FUTURE. It's like a sci-fi crime thriller/romance kind of story. SCI-FI books are horrid. OMG. I hate books about the future. This shouldn't be surprising after knowing my love for historical fiction. But I'm kinda getting used to the setting (It's a HUGE jump, okay! From corsets and carriages to automated everything and flying cars) and I'm finally getting into the story. Mostly to know who dun nit. But I already have a good guess as to who. I was SUCH a thriller buff last time. I read SO many, I am kinda used to picking out the killer. And, y'know, not meaning to brag or anything, but I am like 90% right most of the time. HEHE! And this crime isn't very detailed or complicated. So it's pretty easy. Nora Roberts, just doesn't click with me. Maybe 'cos I dun particularly enjoy her style of writing. I'll just finish this one. Just to see if I am correct (Which I predict that I will be) and if Roarke and Eve will get together at the end (Which I am sure they will).

After I'm done with 'Until You', I might try out Gaelen Foley's 'Lord of Ice'. It sounds good! And there are many rave reviews about the series in general. So I might try it out since I have already read all of Judith McNaught's and Lisa Kleypas's stuff. AND I WILL BE HUNTING DOWN Jilliane Hoffman's novels. Especially 'Retribution', a book that is still IMPRINTED in my memory, eventhough I read it in secondary school. IT IS THE BOOK that got me into the whole thriller phase in secondary school and I still think it's my favourite. I rmb stealing it from Dinah Bee one day and I lost 2 days of sleep thanks to that book. And I barely could concentrate in class, and I completely ignored my friends 'cos I was constantly reading it. THAT is ONE HELL of a book. It literally got me at the edge of my seat and I even had to put it down more than once to regulate my breathing and calm my racing heart. And the TWISTS. OMG. CANNOT EVEN FORSEE IT. I was like OOOOOHHHMMMYYYYGOOODDDD. And everyone stared at me in class.

Sidenote: I really should stop exclaiming when I'm reading. My facial expressions and sudden outbursts make me look like a maniac. I have to try and read calmly and with detachment and impartiality. I have creeped people out tons of times by suddenly bursting into laughter or yelling angryly at my book. And I rmb making my mom and sis panic, thinking there's smth wrong with me as I was crying like crazy when Dumbledore died and when they revealed Snape's past. I was wailing like a baby in the dark (except for my reading lamp). OKAY. NOTE TO SELF: Dun get so emotionally involved in FICTITIOUS STORIES. GEEZ.

OKAY, I know I am boring everyone 'cos I keep blogging about books recently. And I keep obsessing over them. I TOLD YOU I am possessed by some book-loving demon. It's like my appetite and hunger for them cannot be quelled. It's quite scary. Not that I'm not still myself. Just that Gossip Girl is over and so is Hellcats (I heard that there won't be a second season. WHUT?!!). And I dun go out anymore thanks to work and my friends being very very busy. So besides books, I dun really have much going on in my life. I dun wanna whine about my horrible skin and my increasing weight. I reckon that would be much worse to read.

RIGHT NOW, I am just counting the days to 25 JUNE 'cos ONLY THEN will my life be filled with fun in REALITY and not fiction. JENNY IS COMING BACK HOME. I am like BURSTING in anticipation and excitement. My best friend FINALLY back and we can talk FACE-TO-FACE and not through letters (which I have been consistently writing her, it's so fun!) or Facebook msgs. I have so many things I wanna do and so many plans, but at the same time I feel like just doing NOTHING with her. 'Cos our chill days are so relaxing. WHATEVER it is. I am so anxious to see her and see how much she's changed and SPILL all the pent up stuff that's within me and hear all the pent up things that she's been holding as well. We are each other's confidants. No need for shrinks when you have best friends that stick for life. =)

Another note to self: I really should stop looking so interested when I see promotions and posters. 'Cos I ALWAYS get ambushed by promoters and I ALWAYS end up getting something. UGH. I am so frustrated with myself. AND I am frustrated at THEM for ambushing an innocent bystander like me. All because I stop for 5 secs to glance at their posters. HONESTLY.

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