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Nothing brings you more joy than an unexpected holiday/day off. I completely forgot that tmr's vesak day. So imagine my delight when I found out that I've got a day off tmr! It makes me so happy. Although I realized that this would be the only public holiday before national day. And by then I would be in school, so doesn't really matter.'Cos in school, there is no difference between a 'holiday' and school. Thanks to homework and assignments.

In other news, before I have realized it, it's already the season finale of Gossip Girl. Despite the stupidity of the writers this season, I still watch it. Like a bad habit that is tough to crack. I have yet to finish watching the last few episodes 'cos I am dreading it, after seeing the previews of Chuck & Blair fighting. I HATE seeing them not together. It just seems so wrong. BUT, I heard that the season finale will reveal loads of stuff so, I'm kinda excited for it despite my annoyance towards the writers. There will of course, be a season 5. THANK GOD. Hopefully the next season will better and Chuck & Blair will find time to mend each other and their relationship. Damn prince is nothing compared to Chuck Bass.

Obviously, I tend to get very emotional everytime I talk about Gossip Girl as it is a series that is close to my heart. Just like I get pissed when ppl are hating on Blue's Clues and Cardcaptor Sakura. Things can get dangerous 'cos they are practically a part of me. It's sad but I tend to live vicariously through the characters on TV and get too involved in the plot. It makes up for the lack of drama in my life. Lack of anything really. It's like a still heartbeat. I need to get myself a defibrillator to shock some life back into… my life. LOL.

Not that I'm complaining. I kind of like how relaxed things have been. As compared to my super stressful uni life. Last night I watched 'Water For Elephants' as I have mentioned and IT WAS GOOD. I know ppl are hating on it 'cos of Robert Patterson. And to be honest, I'm not at all fond of him. But he is a decent actor. Not spectacular, but decent. Especially so in this movie. He managed to convince me that he is not Edward Cullen, which is a feat since that is all I see whenever I lay eyes on him. And he managed to deliver tender moments, especially with the animals (he is a vet in the story) and I thought that was commendable. He laughed and smiled a lot in this movie, which was abit disturbing since all I ever saw hi do was BROOD. Even in his other movie 'Remember Me'. Christopher Waltz, that dude made me wanna beat the shit out of him. His portrayal of a self-absorbed, controlling and crazy husband and ringleader was flawless. It's hard to completely hate him 'cos at times, he is charming. But when he started hurting the animals, I was like OMG. So sad. Reese Witherspoon was good, as expected. Though I can't say this was a GREAT performance by her. I felt her character lacked depth and she looked reeeeeaally old in this film. Almost skeletal. I got scared when I looked at her face afew times. Overall, the plot was good. The pace was comfortable but abit on the slow side, which I like. The only fault (and a major one at that) was the lack of chemistry or passion between the two leads. For lack of a better phrase, I can't feel the love. Maybe it's just me, or their feelings are really subtle. That shouldn't be the case, 'cos everything else about this movie is over the top. I mean, they are in the middle of a circus (literally). Plus the scandalous nature of their relationship (as Reese's character was married) should add a greater sense of need, lust and thrill. It was pretty tame to say the least. Not that I want them to do it in the middle of the circus ring. But

But it was decent. I really liked the costumes and sets and the cinematography. So I think the director did a good job. It's worth a watch, really. If you like romance flicks. Not rom coms, but legit romance. This is really not bad. I know they received bad reviews, but it's really not half bad. Just dun expect something epic.

ALSO, a point worth mentioning, Robert Pattisson didn't look so hideous in this movie. In fact, I go so far to say that is he quite dashing. Although there are times where I thought he bore striking resemblance to the circus animals. And his smiles creeped me out abit. I've never seen his teeth so many times without fangs on them. But other than that, there are several scenes where he's rugged and rather dashing. Can't BELIEVE I just said that, but yes. I can see glimpses of the old Cedric Diggory charm in him here. So I think he looks really good. =)

The next movie I'm probably gonna watch is Pirates of The Caribbean. The new one. I'm kinda relieved that there's no keira knightly and there's penelope cruz instead. She is so much hotter. I'm not a huge fan of the pirates series, but it's kinda like a tradition for me to go with Gaya and Diy. The original pirates gang. Haha! I'm looking forward to it. Also I wanna watch Your Highness. It has James Franco and Natalie Portman. It's fucking hilarious. I watched the trailer in the cinema and laughed my ass off all by myself. I REALLY wanna watch that one! I haven't watched a comedy in ages.

SO, I should stop now. 'Cos it's turning into a movie essay or smth.

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