Need self-restraint

8:34 PM

I just bought a weird French hair repair mask. I dunno what came over me. I initially wanted to get the Asience one. The new formula for thin, brittle hair. But the lady convinced me to buy this French brand 'La Bourse' instead, which is some salon brand. I dun even know if it'll work on Asian hair. But looking at the ingredients, they are pretty organic. So I just bought it, without second thought. I KEEP SPENDING MONEY LIKE A BLOODY PARIS HILTON ON STEROIDS.


Honestly, I am disappointed with myself. I HEARBY SOLEMNLY SWEAR: That I will not buy any more PRODUCTS and/or clothes (including shoes) until I get my pay. I have to stop being as asshole to my wallet and bank account. Not to mention, I waste so much money on food and other entertainment things, like movies. I need to stop myself. Although I still do have many things that I wanna buy such as,

1) The Bodyshop Billberry Detangler Spritz
2) The Bodyshop Vitamin C Skin Boost
3) MAKE UP! Especially that Baby Pink lipstick from Sephora
4) Aqualabel's Aqua Enhancer
5) Aquamoist Essence
6) Graphic Tee from Pull & Bear
7) Skirts/dress from ZARA's new collection
8) The Bodyshop's Tailored Cheek Tint

GOSH. I have to stop myself. I keep expanding the list. Right now, I have to keep all these thoughts at bay and concentrate on something else. Especially when I go out. I HAVE TO RESIST some how.

Okay, I'm gonna try out my hair treatment thing. I feel really apprehensive and excited. Like it's so risky, I dun even KNOW. Plus the package so dodgy. But it looks really good and the lady was so convincing. HAHA. Actually, I convinced myself. It has 'Horse Tail Extract'. Whatever that is! But since I'm born in the Year of the Horse, I figured that would work on me. LOL.


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