10:05 PM

Apologies for not blogging much these days. I'm just so exhausted from work. I just go home, shower, eat and go straight to bed. Maybe stopping only to check out tumblr and then read a few pages of my current novel. It's really unhealthy. I can feel myself gaining weight. Now I know why my colleagues gym during lunch. They are all so skinny too. It's seriously amazing. Here I am, too exhausted to even lift my fingers to TYPE and they are exercising after work and stuff.

Maybe I should consume some red ginseng or some tonic to boost my energy levels.

At this rate I will be as fat as an elephant by the time my contract is over. Furthermore, I haven't had time to study for my language class. What's worse is that my exam and oral is JUST AROUND the corner. I have to pass it well to get to the next level. GOSH. I wonder if I will ever have enough time 24 hours is not enough. I will have to spend my weekend studying. If I didn't have an engagement party to attend. I mean, I am happy for my cousin and all. Seriously, congrats. But I have these selfish and guilty thoughts of what I should be doing or rather be doing than this. At this moment, I legit need to buck up or I will most definitely not pass and be left behind.

That would be a nightmare.

I hate being left behind.

Besides that, I was quite disappointed 'cos I found out that all bodyshop stores have stopped and ran out of the Tailored Cheek Tint, which turned out to be limited edition. LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE that is good at Bodyshop. Honestly, I know it promotes bulk buying. But I would think that it's a rather stupid decision to keep producing the best stuff only for a limited period. I can understand the seasonal things like the Christmas edition stuff. But innovations such as those should be an all-year thing. I am in deep need of a good blusher. I dun wanna use the powder kind 'cos it doesn't spread well on my sunblock. I've been using a tint, but it's way too red. Most tints are red anyway. I was kinda excited 'cos the bodyshop one was pink. And then they discontinued it, like the losers they are. GOSH.

It infuriates me just thinking about it. Now I'll just be a pale, sallow person until I find the perfect blush. Or just make do with what I have. A splotchy job, but better than resembling a zombie.

In my disappointment, I went to shop for other things that made me feel better. To fill in the expectation of getting smth new. I bought electric blue sandals. YES, SANDALS. I dunno what came over me. I have NEVER even owned one in my life. Seeing as I never wear flats. Partly 'cos I hate the sight of my toes. I think they are so hideous. So most of my shoes are covered toe ones. But I thought this was a good year to diversify. And I got so attracted by the colour. It was an impulse thing. And also the Aqualabel Enhancer, which I am very excited to try out tonight. Hopefully, my skin will be better by this weekend for the engagement thing.

The next thing on my shopping list. THE TOP of it would still be my camera, which I DESPERATELY NEED. Still waiting for the PC Show. And then followed by Ettusais Aqua Splash OB. I've been itching to get my hands on that. Of course I need clothes. I've been running out of them. I haven't bought any new clothes in a looooong time. I've been too obsessed with my skin that has been breaking out (I am past my teens years and this is STILL haunting me) and shoes. I always buy shoes.

ALRIGHT. I should be doing some studying before I head to bed. I AM SO EXHAUSTED. The thought of work and then class after that tmr, makes my knees go weak and my head ache. *SIGH*

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