End of May.

10:51 PM

Hello, people! And a special shout out to my dear friends who actually bother coming here to check if I have any new posts up.

May is ending. And JUNE will arrive. That means, 1) I'm gonna receive my results soon. For my last semester's exams. Which is extremely nerve-wrecking. 'Cos I signed up for the SMS system. I deeply regret that now. As they will just spring the results on me before I give myself enough time to mentally prepare, do some breathing exercises and take the plunge. But, well, at least it's convenient. I'm actually gonna get them tmr. So, I'm extra nervous about the end of may. 2) My birthday is next week. Not just any birthday, but my FREAKING 21st birthday. I will be a legit, legal-ass adult. From this point on, I am no longer a YOUTH. How sad is that? I honestly dunno why morbid people choose to celebrate this day. To me, it's just a sad sad day where I lose my youth. But then again, when I think of it that way, it's like losing my virginity, I won't be able to get it back. So it is a big deal.

DUN ASK ME what I'm gonna do that day. I have NO IDEA, except that my family's gonna go out for a birthday dinner, for once. They dun usually do that on my b'day, but this one is an exception, I guess. 'Cos it's a big deal, apparently, according to my mom.

I just got back from my cousin's engagement. She's my age and it was so surreal to see her get engage. Which made me think about ALOT of things about the future. The combination of my upcoming birthday and her engagement, seriously made me reflect alot. NOT A GOOD THING, 'cos I tend to brood alot and then get abit emo.


But nothing like shopping and good products to help keep my mind of deep thoughts and emotional pondering of the future. I went shopping for the engagement party and I realized how DIFFICULT it is to find a decent floor length skirt that is not like butchered with prints that make my head spin. And I tend to get sidetracked. I found soooo many nice clothes and I couldn't purchase them. But I did get this pair of really cool red high-waisted shorts. Like BRIGHT red. It's so lovely. And okay... I dunno what came over me, but I bought a maxi dress.

I have no RATIONAL explanation for that. It just happened.

I must've blanked out at the counter or smth. I dunno, smth must have happened 'cos I dun wear maxi dresses. It's SO far out of my style range that I can't even begin to comprehend what made me purchase that, besides the fact that I was looking for floorlength stuff. I would add, however, that it is very pretty. It's a pale pink and grey and it's a halter. The entire thing has prints all over it. Which is ANOTHER reason why it baffles me that I bought that thing. Maybe 'cos it hides my legs and thighs well?? I dunno. I bought it. My first (and probably last) maxi dress. I might wear it on my birthday, just 'cos it's an occasion to try something different. I've been trying to do that lately. I'm trying out more outrageous colours, sandals and strappy shoes (that I used to detest) and now ever prints and maxi dresses.

I'm glad I'm trying to diversify. 'Cos if I am stuck in a rut so early in life, and I stopped being brave enough to experiment. Then when I'm older, I'll just regret it.

That would include my beaded ethnic top from F21 that I bought for the engagement. I should wear it out on occasions. Eventhough it is not my usual style. I am even trying out curly/wavy hair for the first time in my life. Although I suck at it. My curling skills are awful. It's harder when I'm using a straightener to curl it. But it turned out that many ppl liked me with wavy hair. SO THERE YOU GO. You will never know until you try.

Right now, I am OBSESSED with bubble tea and matcha. I eat and drink matcha anything. I eat matcha bread everyday. And drink matcha milk tea at any time I feel upset (which is often), thanks to Gong Cha being so near my work place. ALSO, I am obsessed with brushes and holika holika nail polish. They are awesome.

I actually wanted to talk about some stuff I'm using that I love. But I have to go since it's late and I need to go to work tmr. ALSO, I've TESTS NEXT WEEK. I am so screwed, omg. Talk to y'all soon!


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