Rants About Whitney.

9:23 PM

AAARGH! OMG, I cannot bear it any longer. I have to vent 'cos the frustration is building up in me.

If I have alarmed you with that statement, I sincerely apologize 'cos this isn't actually such a big deal. So you can just stop reading from this point on. As this entry has nothing to do with me. Or anyone in my life. Or anything that will even make sense to you. 'Cos it's about a book I'm reading and the freakin' protagonists that are like UGH. AARGH. I cannot even grasp at the words to describe my frustrations and impatience at their STUPIDITY.

Currently, I am reading Judith McNaught's 'Whitney, My Love'. Which is considered a classic in the genre of romance. And I can see why. I get totally sucked into the drama and the characters. I usually get caught up in the plots anyway. But not like this. Not they way historical, regency era books tend to make me get lost. So much so that long after I've put the book down, the story would stay with me and I will be dreaming and replaying certain parts in my heads for weeks. Just day-dreaming. Wishing I was born then and there, rather than being in the present. I usually read Lisa Kleypas's novels. They are very good. I really think she's one of my fave authors ever. I dare say I have read almost all her books. Recently I've finished reading the Hathaway series. WHICH was delightful.

But this book. THIS BLOODY BOOK is making me so emotionally distraught. The leads are not dumb... And I really love them both. But the things that they do sometimes. GOD. I feel like screaming. I legit yelled, "You have GOT to be kidding me" and "WTF" in the train while I was reading the book to and fro from work. Naturally people stared at me like a lunatic who just escaped a mental institute. But I couldn't care less 'cos I was drowning in the story. Certain moments are soooo perfect I just sigh or can't help but smile. But right now, I'm at an IMPOSSIBLE chapter of the book. I have to take a break from it, to prevent myself from tearing the pages. There are SO MANY stupid misunderstandings and things that could have been avoided if they had just talkd it out or put their STUPID PRIDE aside. GEEZ. I am so reluctant to read on. But at the same time, I know there is a promise of a good ending and I am dying to know what will happen next.


That last line probably didn't make sense unless you've read the book. Which I highly recommend. Eventhough I'm so freakin' annoyed right now, I love stories that suck me in and get me emotionally involved. Which is probably why Gossip Girl holds such a dear space in my heart. No matter how lame the STUPID writers are, I still get emotionally caught up 'cos I love the characters so much.

After this book is done (and I dunno when I will have the courage to read on), I will be reading Sophie Kinsella's 'Mini Shopaholic', which is her new novel. I've read the first chapter and I'm already laughing out loud. Becky is so much like me, it SCARES me to read about her. I will probably buy another book once I've finished that one. I'm thinking J. D. Robb? 'Cos that's Cherlyn's fave author. So I thought I might give her a try. AND of course another Judith McNaught book. Maybe 'Once and Always'?? I dunno, I haven't decided. Gosh, I am such a sucker for Historical Romance novels. It's pathetic. I should be reading something more mentally stimulating. But nothing is quite an enjoyable.

Sidenote: I CAN'T believe that I am buying books again. I've stopped doing that since secondary school. I forgot what a wonderful feeling it is to know that the book is yours and you can take your time and once you're done, you can prop it and display it on your bookshelf, adding to your collection. And the feeling of walking around the bookstore, being spoiled for choice. Deciding which book to get and ending up buying the whole lot anyway. And hauling them and feeling the crisp, untampered pages and smooth, new-ness of the cover. And the SMELL of fresh pages of a new book is just ... WOW. Brings me back to my childhood, when I was a complete nerd, and a total bookworm. It just brings nothing but pleasant memories and a chance of escape. Gosh, I think I will stop reading them online and just purchase the books I wanna read from now on. Sure it's a bit expensive, but I think it's worth it. Just for that the entire experience.

(That was one heck of a long sidenote)

OKAY I AM DONE RANTING. I can't hold it any longer. I HAVE TO KNOW what happens next.

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