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Apologies for the really lousy post yesterday. I really didn't have much to say. Just felt like typing some gibberish since I dun have much to do. WHICH IS FINE. I love not doing anything. Problem is I get really excited typing an entry and then halfway though I just lose steam and I end up not knowing what the point of the entry is and abandoning it halfway, finishing it off rather lamely. Kinda like a relationship. LOL.


Sunday is a sad day. 'Cos tmr is a workday. Gosh. But well, what to do? Not like I can stop time, although trust me, there more than several occasions when I wished I could. Like today for instance, the weather is great. Sunshine streaming through my slits which are a sad excuse for windows, but still, pretty bright in here. And I had a good time yesterday buying some stuff.

I finally managed to meet up with Tomo after ages and like hang out. More like shop, actually. Seriously amazes me how pretty she is getting. Her skin is like WOW!! REALLY awesome. Almost as awesome as Keetha's. And that is saying something 'cos that girl can freakin' model for Revlon or Maybelline or smth. Tomo's skin is all translucent and clear while Keetha's is just plain flawless. I have long ago realized that all my friends are hot and gorgeous. I dun have a single 'ugly friend'. At times I think I am the 'ugly one' in our gang. Which is true, only on 'that time of the month', 'cos I get super bloated and I break out everywhere. It's a disaster.

Anyway, so yesterday I went with my sis to BHG where they are having a 20% off all regular items sale. Wonderful really!! I am absolutely in heaven everytime I enter BHG's cosmetics section. They have such a wide range of products from all over the world. From pricey to affordable ones. I am especially interested in all the Japanese skincare products, 'cos I trust anything made in japan. HAHA! I know that sounds shallow. But all my friends from Japan have ridiculously awesome skin, without make-up. So, it has to work. RIGHT? Well, I'd like to think so. The products I've been using are pretty darn awesome. I used to not care about my skin at all. I washed my face with my body shower gel. *horrors* I've changed drastically since then. I guess the older I get, the more I realize how important taking good care of my skin is. Especially so now, when I am growing old, and I can see where my wrinkles are forming. Knowing that they will only deepen in future.

I should seriously stop smiling so much. Damn wrinkles.

So, I've spent a bomb on products this year and so far, my skin is okay. Not like amazing, like my friends'. But better than last time. I can't really stop the breakouts 'cos they are mostly stress related and hormonal. So, I guess I'll have them no matter what. Which mean's I will never have perfect skin, or at least perfectly clear skin. However, I'd like to get as close to it as possible.

RIGHT, sidetracked again, so BHG!! It was fabulous, I can spend hours looking at all the cosmetics things and body lotions and all sorts of nice smelling goodness that YOU KNOW would be good for you. (Which is also why I go to Watsons ritually, almost everyday. Just LOOKING at them makes me feel better. As if there is hope that my skin will get better) My sis and I got some hand lotion (my sister is obsessed with moisturisers. It's creepy. I dun use them as much), sun block, some masks, this black head remover thing which was on sale and lipgloss!! I AM SO HAPPY I WENT TO BHG. 'Cos I was planning to spend a bomb on this Sephora clear lipgloss that was so shiny and almost 3D. But I managed to find a Fasio Lipglaze that did the trick for much less AND it's less sticky too!!

I've been obsessed with my Orange lips. I love it to bits. I've been dying to find truly ORANGE lip products with no hints of red or coral. But it's really hard. I've been searching since early last year? And I only found MAC morange. Which still had a tinge of red. Etude's house new tangerine line was the answer to my orange prayers. I didn't buy their lipstick, 'cos by itself, it doesn't do much in making my lips orange. I bought the SUPER ORANGE lip tint instead, which is really scary at first, 'cos my lips look like orange peels. But the colour would soften throughout the day and I applied the Fasio clear gloss on it to make it look more 'lipsticky'. IT IS SO DAMN ORANGE. I LOVE IT!! Gaya and Keetha was there when I tried it out and they approved. Which is good, 'cos I was afraid my friends would think I'm crazy for having such a weird colour on. Here's how it looks.

After BHG, I impulsively went over to city hall to meet up with Diy. 'Cos I know I won't get to meet her otherwise. She's way too busy with her job. She's always doing something related to work. And always working, even at home, even on weekends. So I dun really get to see her. Even if I do, it's usually in between work for a brief few hours, where she'll half working with her iPhone taking calls and sending emails. Well, she obviously loves her job, so that is such good thing. This is the price of growing up, priorities get in the way. And of course, I understand. Life is constantly an obstacle. So, eventhough she's busy and stuff, I try my best to meet her and spend some time with her.

That day, she was on a major shopping spree. She sat down at a stall and bought Jose Eber's hair straightener, hair curler and their high-end Moroccan Hair Oil. I was like WHOA!!! But it was worth the buy 'cos she has always wanted a curler. And this one was really good. Her curls stayed for HOURS AND HOURS, without loosening or anything. And the best part was she didn't even have to use hairspray for it to last that long. It was amazing. I got so tempted by it that I got myself a straightener too. I mean, YEA I KNOW, MY HAIR IS STRAIGHT. But since it's a small travel size one, I can use it as a curler too. For waves. In fact, I tried it out at home and got THIS result, eventhough I still suck at curling it. Darn my awkward hand-eye coordination.

Evidently, I need more practice.

So weird to see myself with curly hair and not straight. I've had straight hair my ENTIRE life. (Except in prom) It was so strange. I looked so girly. Well, I will probably do it on special occasions. 'Cos it's super time consuming, and I dun wanna damage my already damaged-beyond-repair hair. I'm so glad I got it! =D All thanks to Diy's impulsive buying.

My straightener was on discount 'cos she bought so much. Bought it at a fraction of the original price. HEEHEE!! My lucky day. I couldn't shop so much 'cos I am saving up to buy a compact cam. I'm waiting for the PC show in suntec so that I can get some great deals and I will have a new cam! Which is essential for my future trips and camwhore sessions with my girlfriends.

OH, and I'd like to mention that I have finally succeeded in getting my other best friend, Keetha, to buy a Maxi Dress. It has been my mission since last year. 'Cos THIS GIRL does not have a clue how gorgeous she is, and how her body is BUILT for maxi dresses. She's a giant, and a skinny one at that. With legs that go on forever. Gaya, her and me went to F21 and we all fell in love with this gorgeous brownish orange and beige striped tiered maxi dress. We practically forced her into trying it and I know that she surprised herself when she looked in the mirror. It's like WOW. The bright yet earthy colours went so well with her golden brown skin. Plus, it stopped perfectly at her ankles. If I had tried that thing on, half of the skirt would've been dragging on the floor (the dwarf that I am). I can't wait to see her in it. She's gonna look so stunning!

Alrighty, so I am really glad I got to see all my friends this week. Keetha, Gaya and Diy and managed to do a little shopping as well. I was planning to watch 'Water For Elephants' but it's so hard to find a day where people can make it. I've been rescheduling for ages. So I'm just watch it by myself later, at GV yishun. My own personal movie theatre. Why? 'Cos it is. It's like at my back yard.

I REALLY wanna watch it. Eventhough it has Edward Cullen. I have lost all respect for him as an actor, after twilight, seriously. After witnessing his 'sparkling body' and deep brooding 'acting', gosh. Cannot Unsee. The saving grace is of course, Reese Witherspoon whom I LOVE TTM. Plus the story sounds so romantic. I can't wait to watch it.


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