Job impressions.

8:45 AM


I am praying that the day will go as slowly as humanly possible. I have a greater appreciation for the weekends now thanks to my work. I realize that nothing can make the bearable as much as the thought that 'Tomorrow's saturday'. The weekends just make everything better.

I just had my first week of work. Everything's good! I like my new job more than my previous banking job. It's much more relaxed with fewer deadlines. I just have to do things more carefully, but that's about it. Moreover, my new team is really nice!! And my partner who sits beside me, is really nice too. She's my age so we can chat and stuff. Although I feel weird doing that in the office 'cos everyone can hear everything. Like Even every breath you take can be heard, 'cos it's so quiet and everyone else is so busy working. So everyone would unintentionally eavesdrop. Which is helpful at times 'cos some of them came and talked to me after listening to my conversations.

ALSO, the PANTRY is my saviioorrr. The coffee/espresso machine is to die for! I can drink to my hearts content. Though I drink mostly milk tea. ALSO, 'cos my office is near vivo, I get to drink Gong Cha and eat Yigloo anytime I want. =D


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