To be someone other than me.

8:14 PM

Okay, I'm doing a short one again because I feel guilty even doing this knowing that I haven't actually done much the entire day. Honestly, I cannot wait for this damn semester to be over. It's the most horrid one yet with no module that I am even REMOTELY interested in, making revision nearly impossible. Nothing is absorbed in my heard, especially when I'm reading through the Genes and Society lectures. Seriously, I dun even understand the explanations. I am super worried about that. Actually I'm anxious about all my papers. 'Cos I know I will suck at them.


I've been living like a sad hermit with hardly any contact with the outside world, except for my evening classes and the occasional sms. Other than that I dun even leave the house. And I try my best to stay awake and not get distracted but it's really hard. I was so bored that I even got myself a Twitter account. Not that I NEED it. I honestly, dun understand why I did it. I know that it's mostly 'cos I tend to bookmark lots of celeb twitter pages, and then I realized I should just get an account so that it will all be updated there and I can just check my homepage for updates instead of going to their pages one by one. So that's the main reason. I can't really do much tweeting ('cos I still dun get how the things work like with the retweets and mentions and whatnot). Plus, not like I have a smartphone or anything to regularly update and announce to the world what's on my mind. But I guess since I'm on the com like 99.999% of the time while I am so-called 'revising', I will put up some random stuff once in a while I guess?? Drop by here.

SO THIS THE EXTENT OF MY BOREDOM. I've also been packing on the pounds thanks to my increased appetite (during stressful periods) and lack of activity. I mean, I've been in bed almost the entire day. I'm wondering if I can somehow muster enough courage and willpower to go through with a diet. Even as I am typing this, I just popped a Hershey's Kiss in my mouth after I had a dinner of awesome fried noodles. Not to mention, I have been craving bubble tea for DAYS (although I just had it on Tuesday). *SIGH* WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! I think I should. Before things get really out of hand. It sort of already has. Even the doctor told me I should lose weight and watch my glucose levels. Apparently I have a high chance of getting diabetes. =( So, this is seriously important. I have to repress my sweet tooth and craving somehow and start getting healthy.

In other news, the new Gossip Girl episode was LAME. Blair sort of rejected Chuck. I'm like what the flying fuck? Honestly, I dunno why I even watch it anymore. There aren't even anymore gossip girl blast. No one even cares about the actual gossip girl anymore. Pfft. The show is the pits.



This is turning out to be a LONG ASS POST. So WHATEVER. This just shows you how distracted I've been. God, I suck.

I'm currently listening to Adele's new album '21'. I gotta say, WOW. THIS LADY is freaking amazing. She's like my idol. I wanna be her. If I were Adele, I won't care about what I eat or what anyone thinks, MY FACE has enough gorgeousness to knock the world's socks off. And if that doesn't work, I just have to open my mouth and let my voice reel everyone in. If I were Adele, I'd be queen of the world.

And also I find it funny that I listened to Adele's album '19' when I was 19 and now her new album '21' when I'm about to turn 21. Talk about musical chronology. That's why Adele's music always speaks to me. My fave tracks especially are 'Turning Tables" and "Someone like You". You can check out 'Turning tables" here.

As for my FAVE SONG EVER, "Someone like you" is below. CHILLS, I tell you. It will give you CHILLS.

So sad, omg.


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