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12:54 PM

One might find a huge influx of blog updates all of a sudden. Mostly rather short and cryptic ones, so I just wanna give people a heads up before they start assuming that I have gone schizophrenic on them. (There might be slight truth in that though. LOL) The reason for this is mostly 'cos Reading Week has arrived. It's just study week where everyone in NUS does some INTENSE cramming before the big exams next week. The problem with me is that I hate studying. So I usually use the Reading Week to:

1) Do some actual reading in the form of novels and magazines and blogs
2) Catch up on all my fave dramas that I missed out when I was rushing my assignments
3) Watch lots of movies
4) Eat. All. The. Time.
5) Surf the net for hours. Aimlessly but somehow finding stuff I wanna do. (Tumblr)

I've actually been dying to go out and hang out. But all my friends are busy. Either cramming or working. So I've been pretty lonely lately. Hence, whenever that is the case, I turn to my blog for company. That's why there will be a large influx of posts, I predict (unless I get hooked on a new drama, then I would probably just fade into non-existence).

GOSSIP GIRL EPISODES COMMENCE TODAY!! YES!!! Although I know I've been complaining about how completely shitty it became, I still wanna watch it. This is what years of addiction does to you. It's like cocaine or smth. At first you think it's great and it gets you high and then your life starts to depend on it (just for that one hour of highness you get). You know it's not good for you and eventually you get sick of it but you can't stop yourself 'cos you are dependent on it already. THAT, my friends, is what Gossip Girl is like to me. I know it's sucky now but what to do?? I can't help myself.

The trailer is seriously amazing though. The CW network knows how to reel in the anticipation (just hope they live up to it). Blair has to choose between the Prince (this legit prince she met in paris), the Pauper (DAMN DAN HUMPHREY) and The Dark Knight (Chuck). I dunno why he's called the Dark Knight 'cos I think he was all these three before. THE POINT IS BLAIR HAS TO BE WITH CHUCK. There is just no other way to end this season.


Plus, Dan looks like a Hobo.

Alright, currently, I should be reading through my South Asian lecture notes. I'm honestly at a loss. I love this module. And just like every module that I like, I tend to not do well in it. AT ALL. I got a dismal grade for my essay assignment and I just hope I can pass this shit with all those fucked-up muggers totally screwing the bell-curve for me. I dunno why but all the modules that I like, even last sem, I tend to do the worst in them. It baffles me... I guess this proves that I shouldn't major in what I like in future. 'Cos I'll end up doing a shit job at it.

Irony of life. Seriously.


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