Pure Pores Pls!

9:58 PM

I shouldn't be doing this right now. I should be studying as everyone else is but I can't 'cos I am having a major headache and I just have too many things on my mind.

On the bright side, I am DONE with all my assignments as it was all due this week and miraculously I managed to finish it all, with time to spare. I dun care what anyone says. And I dun care about the quality of my essays and whatever it is. It isn't perfect but the point is I got it done, on time. Eventhough I had piles of other work to go along with it. So I am entitled to feel proud of myself. I am usually not so efficient. I treated myself to lots of bubble tea this week and green tea steam cake (WHICH IS HEAVENLY) 'cos I felt like I deserved it for getting through that horrible ordeal of sitting and typing essay after essay for three days straight.

However, even now I can't take a breather 'cos I've got TWO tests on tuesday. On of which I will most definitely have problems with 'cos it's my 'Understanding The Universe' module, which is a physics cum astronomy mod that I'm taking and it's seriously CRAP. Although it is not as crap as my 'Genes and Society' module, where I am completely lost and just drowning in all the scientific terms that I doubt I will be able to memorise and understand in time for the final exam. I think it is hideously ironic that 'Understanding the Universe' makes me more confused about the universe with it's STUPID LAWS that don't even make any sense. And I find it so dumb that we are calculating things that are not meant to be calculated, like law of relativity (WTF is that?). And all these stupid theories they made up and names of things that we will never see and thus I doubt even EXIST, like the Oort cloud and Black holes and other solar systems. I think science is more airy-fairy than the arts in this case.

I dunno how I will even get through the tests and exams. I just hope I do enough to maintain my average scores. I have no intention of aiming for As. I just want the average. It would be good if I dun have to 'SU' any of my mods.

Enough about stupid shit crap school. Just thinking about it makes my headache even worse. This few months I've been spending some money on products and have become a product junkie to be honest. But I can't help myself. Now that I am turning 21, I feel really old and I feel the need to take care of my skin so that I age better. I dun wanna look old. I am SO TERRIFIED of growing old. I especially LOVE my Mud Mask from Formula 10.o.6. It's called 'PORES BE PURE', which is my fave one from the mask selection. It was on sale at Watsons so I bought it and I AM SO GLAD I DID. It was really hard to find the Pores be Pure one 'cos it's sold out in most stores. Anyway, it has strawberry and yarrow extracts along with a smooth clay mud. The thing that caught my eye was the freakin' cool packaging and tube design. And after I read what it was supposed to do, I immediately bought it and I am gonna buy MORE. Maybe I will try the detox mask next. IT IS FREAKING AMAZING.

I dunno if it will work on sensitive skin (my skin is far from sensitive) but it works wonders on my skin. I look forward to days when I get to put it on. I apply a thin layer on my face and let it dry. It only takes like 10mins but oooommgggg, it STINGS like a bitch. Especially in my sensitive areas and oily areas around my nose and eyes and chin. It's really stinging and sharp, but I just stuck through it 'cos it fades once the mask dries up. And then I wash if off and my skin is like WOOOOHHH. SILKY SMOOTH. It does visibly reduce my pores but I just love the silky smooth feeling after I wash it off with warm water. I love it so much! And it's really cheap too. I swear by this thing, really. But well, loads of people complain about the stinging and stuff. I have absolutely no issues with that, as long as it works. Haha! And it does.

I highly recommend it! (only if you can take the sting.)

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