Parents = Pressure

11:05 AM

I am drowning in work. But I won't panic. I'm pretty proud of myself 'cos I feel as if I am getting things done. Even if I can't do well, I know that at least I get things done on time and I've put in effort in order to concentrate and somehow make the deadlines. Eventhough the quality of my work is questionable.

In the early mornings of my weekends and late last night, I've been pounding on the keys of my laptop as time ticks away towards the deadline. I'm not gonne lie, I'm pretty stressed. Especially with my French oral test on Monday (which I seriously need to ace 'cos I screwed up the written test on Friday) and a quiz for my genes and society module on Tuesday. Not to mention, I've got to prepare my presentation for my South Asian studies class on Tuesday as well. I dunno how in the hell I'm gonna be able to do everything in time.

What's worse is that my mom has been broadcasting to everyone how I will be studying for FOUR years (that implies that I am gonna get into the Honours program) majoring in Political Science. Everytime she does this, I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and I feel nauseated. WHY DO PARENTS DO THAT?! They tell you, "It's your life. It's your choice. Do what you want." and then totally go against EVERYTHING they say by pressuring you to do what THEY want.

Even worse was the sound of the pride in her voice, so I know I'm gonna let her down if I dun do as she wants. Then the guilt trip begins. It's frustrating. =( I know what I wanna do. She knows what I wanna do. Everyone knows what I wanna do.

It's not political science.

And yet, somehow, I know that I'll probably end up majoring in it. 'Cos that's just the way my parents are. And that's just the way I am... I will probably suck at it. And do horribly 'cos everyone in that major are geniuses. So just the thought of this as I am doing my work, I don't feel like I belong here at all.


(Can I please just do theatre? PLS PLS PLS...)

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