4:16 PM

Honestly, why is everyone making me feel so pressured. Just receiving texts about ppl saying, "Dun worry as long as you've memorised blah-blah-blah or read the readings of blah-blah-blahh and understand everything on the lectures slide, you'll definitely do fine".

LIKE DUH!!! Who the fuck doesn't KNOW THAT?!

It's a matter whether I can do it all and retain all that info or not. What kind of 'advice' and comforting technique is that? How meaningless is that 'Dun worry'?! I mean, kudos for making me worry to the point of schizophrenia. If I could do all that and do "FINE" then by golly I wouldn't be so worried in the first place. (Can't believe that they got me saying 'by golly') The things is, there isn't much time. I am easily distracted and when I do get things done, the info barely gets retained 'cos my brain can't handle so much info at one go. What pisses me off is that everyone acts like they dun care or they are not really studying much but THEY SO ARE. And from the comments they give me, they are like freakin' mugging. But they call that "NOT really caring" and "NOT really studying".


Can they not see my trying my best NOT to slack off? 'Cos I can't help BUT slack off. LIKE NOW. I AM BLOGGING when I know all of them are like finishing their huge stack of reading.



Which implies that they are not. Human, I mean. And that's true. They aren't. No one there is normal. Except me, apparently. And I'm not even exaggerating. I can show you my grades to prove it. (DAMN SHIT BELL CURVE) You think you did fine and then realized that everyone else scored full marks ('cos they are robots). So in NUS's eyes, you practically failed. That's great, isn't it? AARGH!


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