Break post.

1:30 PM

Alright! I am done with one of my papers. I still have two more to go tmr. TWO PAPERS IN ONE DAY. Thankfully one is an MCQ paper. But I dunno whether this is a good thing or not. On one hand I get to finish earlier, on the other hand I have like TONS to rush and study for. Especially since one of them is the DAMN GENES & SOCIETY MODULE. UGH. I totally regret taking that module. I should've just dropped it when I found out that I can't understand a thing the lecturers were saying. And there's SO many things to stuff in my brain right now. There's just no space.

There's also no time.

But I'm just taking a break in between my lecture slides before diving into my science textbook which is sort of my savior. Without it I wouldn't have understood a thing. But science isn't about understanding, really. For bio, especially, it's just memorising those damn processes and scientific terms. SO MANY SCIENTIFIC TERMS. I feel like I'm learning another language. I have a bad feeling I'll fail this mod. =( I certainly hope not. Alot of people are taking it and well, that scares me. 'Cos everyone will screw up the bell curve for me.

But well, I'm trying not to think about it. What I'm thinking about is the shopping I'll be doing after the papers are over. Admittedly I have bought some stuff recently due to my phase of PMS and depression. When I was practically locked at home 'cos I had no one to go out with and everyone was so busy with their own thing and everyone was pressuring me. I just went out to shop alone and in end bought a RIDICULOUS amount of stuff. Kinda regret it. But not like the stuff that I bought were not worth it. Just that, well... Emotional Shopping has disastrous impacts to my wallet.

BUT THIS TIME, on friday, I have friends to go out with. Who will stop me from impulsive buying (or encourage me, depending on who I'm with at that time. LOL) and I also have a list of things that I wanna get already. Mostly for work and for my skin. 'Cos of all the stress and loneliness I've been breaking out like a bitch. My skin needs so MAJOR TLC.

Furthermore, I dun really have time to chill and relax. The next few days after my exams are over will be the only days before I have to start work immediately around first week of May. SO I HAVE TO MAKE THEM COUNT. They are my ONLY days off before I get swept into the daily stresses of office work. And particularly where I'm working, I'll be under loads of stress. Nonetheless, I am SUPER DUPER GRATEFUL that I managed to land a job so soon after the semester ends, so that I can earn money. Enough money to hopefully go on a trip with all my friends. Jen & Diy! ♥ ♥ ♥ It'll be the highlight of my year if it actually happens. But well, we'll see how it goes. I can never set anything on stone 'cos plans always experience changes. Shall talk about it more closer to the date.


MUAHAHAHA! OUR PLAN!! JEN, WE MUST MAKE IT HAPPEN, K? =DD (I know she's the only one who reads my blog anyway. LOL)

OKAY, I have wasted enough time typing this out. I should get started again. I CANNOT WAIT TILL THIS SEM IS OVER. I will see you all then. Wish me luck! (^__^)/


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