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I've been meaning to do a post now that my exams are over. But how ironic is it that I am blogging less when I have more time and blogging more when I have less time. I think I blog to distract myself from studying. I know it well myself but, HAHA! Can't seem to stop myself. I feel a tad bit guilty neglecting my blog (and tumblr) like this, so I'm just gonna do a quick post.

Now that my exams are over (which by the way went dreadfully so I dun wish to talk about it EVER), I should be relishing every free moment before I head to work, next week and get stressed all over again. Honestly, stress is HORRIBLE. Not only does it make me GAIN WEIGHT like a whale on steroids, it makes me break out like bitch. I can see immediate difference in my skin and body. Not saying that I lost weight but I don't get bloated so easily, and my skin is much better now. I can just wear sunblock and liner, instead of heaping on the powder to cover up my flaws. I just hope my stress-free healthy self doesn't disappear as soon as work begins.

I haven't been doing much 'cos all my friends are too busy to spend time and hang out. They are all working and doing other stuff, so I usually just spend time alone. Which is frustrating 'cos I wanna do so many things. I wanna go out to the movies, shop, dress up, play arcade and go k-boxing. But of course, all these things can't be done alone. WELL, THEY CAN, but that is pretty sad. I do go shopping alone and I dun usually have a problem with that. But that is usually to cheer myself up after a bad day and that is usually when I make my worst shopping decisions 'cos I tend to impulse buy alot when I'm by myself.

Mostly I've been doing TONS of reading. Which is strange 'cos you would think I'd get tired of reading after the uni sem, but I love reading frivolous novels. Just nonsense novels that you just read once and forget about the next day. Especially romance kinds. I can't really read them much during the school sem 'cos I have so many other important things to read. And I take a long time to read. I read pretty slowly so I have to take the entire day to finish reading a novel, BUT I JUST LOVE IT. I'm on a total reading RAMPAGE now. I forgot how books can totally make me forget about reality and I get lost in it. Particularly, I love victorian and old english times where there are carriages and stuff. If I weren't born in this era, I would LOVE to have been born then. In England, at that period. I think it's totally AWESOME. I love all the little manners and etiquette. And the dresses. ALSO, I think it's wonderful that people lived a full and happy life with hardly any of these self-inflicted stresses of modern life and die a very young age of 50. FABULOUS. I wish I was half as lucky.

Only problem is the lack of make-up back then. And hair dyes. I'd be really ugly.

BESIDES reading, I haven't done much. Except buy afew little knick-knacks. Such as my new Aquamoist Moisturising and Whitening Gel. OMG. BEST THING EVER. I am so in love with it. I look forward to putting it on every night. I replaced my current moisturiser with it. It's much more suited for my acne-prone skin. And I also bought ORANGE LIPSTICK. YAY!! <3 Can't wait to go out tmr and get a new pair of heels (for work, so it's a necessity!) and maybe a little something else to reward myself for getting through that HORRIBLE SEMESTER.

I mean, if I dun reward myself, who will??


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