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I know I have neglected my blog for quite some time and I do apologise to the very few readers that actually pop by hoping to see me rant about something and perhaps see how I'm doing and stuff. If I will be emo again or just write another hate post on NUS which is what my blog seems to be about all the time. Yes, I do realize, but just can't help myself to be perfectly honest.

The next few weeks, I dunno if I can post much either 'cos the semester is ending soon (THANK THE HEAVENLY GOD) and so this signals the forthcoming of all the tests and assignments and project deadlines that annoyingly seem to be quished together at about the same time. So the last few weeks of my sem will just be PACKED and I will be rushing for time to finish all my assignments. This is mostly 'cos I get distracted super easily and I rather be doing other things than work. Also maybe 'cos unlike most people in NUS, I dun really have the drive to be the best and stuff. So I tend to rush everything at the very last minute. Which is a horrible habit, I know. I should change it. Maybe next sem. See how it goes.

I've got alot on my mind right now. With the assignments that I have yet to even get started on (2 of which are super long, dreadfully boring essays that I have to research and write one) and my tests. Also my job issue, whether I can get one and start working as soon as the sem is over. Other things on my mind would be french. I am still SO SO SO SO worried about french. I just hope to do well. My last french test was a total disaster. And very soon I'll have the next one. I suck so bad at it. =( Other things on my mind would be Japan and the situation they are in currently and hoping it will get better soon. My favourite place on earth! It breaks my heart to see it in pieces. I only hope that everyone there gets through this ordeal, stronger than ever. Also on my mind, my skin, my thinning hair, my weight, my future major...

Too many things. I think this may explain why I sleep so little. I can never get my mind to shut up or stop worrying.

Anyways, we celebrated Diyanah's birthday recently. She had to work at the mosaic festival that day but we managed to steal her for a while. Also, we got to watch the whole show and saw some FREAKIN' AWESOME musical acts. Lucky for me, we were at the hip-hop section, so all the acts were hip-hop. Which by the way, is one of my fave genres of music. I was especially impressed with the locals acts such as 'Sixx' and of course, the ever awesome, Sheikh Haikel. The aussie band was also good. They merged rap and classical music. It was totally mind blowing. I totally got into the concert and was bobbing my head to the beat and loving the way my ears pounded and my heart thumped to the beat.

Before that we had a picnic at the esplanade rooftop and got Diy all her fave food along with her birthday present, which was this super awesome personalised Japanese Hamper. After that, I sleptover at Diy's place and we chilled the day away. It was a great time for me to just forget everything and get away from it all. Nowadays, even my home is no longer a place of rest. I dun even look forward to going home simply 'cos I know home, just means a place to do more work. And it's so crowded and annoying. I was tired of my daily routine of going to school and then home immediately. Both places, I have to work. Being away from home and school, being absorbed in the thumping music and being with my best friend, just took me away from it all. And I felt so content then.

This was meant to be a short update, before I disappear into the abyss of university work. *sigh* The thought of school tmr....


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