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I am not gonna rant 'cos I have some stuff to do. My head is spinning at the number of things I have to get done and now I am totally LIVID. LIVID, I TELL YOU, LIVID!!!!!!!

As you know, my only source of sanity and means of destressing (besides guzzling on coffee and cakes and putting on facial products) is by watching TV shows, particularly Gossip Girl. Eventhough, I admit, I have been extremely disappointed at the turn of events. And have been holding personal grudges with the writers of the plot for breaking up the best couple in television history, I still watch it. 'Cos I secretly hope that 'Chair' (Chuck & Blair) would happen again. THEREFORE, can you imagine my reaction when I found out that new Gossip Girl episodes will be put on hold AGAIN till...

18 APRIL 2011.


IT ISN'T EVEN 18 OF MARCH YET!!!!!!!!!!! That's more than a month... AGAIN. This already happened before during the new year season and now AGAIN? WHAT THE FLYING FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?? CW network, you sick son of a bitch. And you wonder why Gossip Girl is losing it's viewers? When you pull this shit again? Already with a sketchy storyline and weird-ass couples, decrease in back-stabbing and other bitchy actions and now you stall the season TWICE for more than a month. THIS IS WHY! I mean, we just got into the flow of the story and you keep jerking it away and stalling it such that it completely disrupts the flow and usually, by the time the new episodes come up, I completely forgot what went on before.

All I wanna say to CW is...


This affects me personally too as the next few weeks will be really tough with the final exams coming and the semester coming to an end soon (FINALLY). I really need these small things to keep me going and to give myself a break. This was sort of my escape. And now I have to wait so long again. God, I cannot even...

The disappointment I feel at the moment is unparalleled to anything.

OMG I JUST FOUND OUT THAT IT'S THE SAME FOR HELLCATS. They return April 19. WTF WTF WTF!!!!! I am at a loss of words now.


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