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I saw an article in the Newpaper (which I usually don't read 'cos it is such a trashy paper and it's more of tabloid thing rather than report any form of valuable news. But my parents read them along with Straits Times so I do browse through once in a while) today about the 'Party' or 'Night Scene' that goes on at Orchard on the weekends. And to be honest I was shocked and at the same time I was not surprised. I dunno how to express myself on this rather sensitive situation but I cannot help but find it slightly disturbing. It lingers on my mind and I have decided to avoid Town at all costs on weekends. Else I will ruin my entire image of Singapore.

It is about the Filipino maids that gather infront of Ion and party the night away. As in literally. Thousands of them gather and meet up at that spot where there is usually some busking and entertainment in that area and have picnics and dance as if it's a night club or smth. I dun wanna sound discriminating or anything but I really do wish that they would stop doing that.

I am not gonna turn this into a huge debate about foreign workers and immigration policies. 'Cos I know that I dun have enough knowledge in this particular field to make such controversial statements and go against national policy. However, as a citizen of Singapore, I feel that I have the right to voice out my opinion on the matters that directly affect me and I am allowed to disagree with certain things. We can't all be robots.

I do realize the rationale for bringing in labour from other countries. I do not have anything against that. I too would want to work outside of Singapore at one point in my life and I hope that whichever country that may be will be welcoming and I will be able to assimilate with the locals there. I am not expecting Singapore to stop as there are not many Singaporeans willing to do jobs that these foreign labour are willing to do, at a much lower price. However, the problem lies in assimilation and the approval of the public. In this case, they (being foreigners) should be accepting of our cultures and our standard of behaviour and values. They have to accommodate to us. It should not be the other way round. I believe that that is the same in all countries. If I go to Japan, I would learn of their customs and learn what is considered socially acceptable there and then follow those guidelines.

Most of these foreign workers tend to ignore that and do as they please. Thinking that Singapore is the same as their own country. But that is false, because no two countries can be the same. What might be acceptable and fine to them might make Singaporeans here uncomfortable. In the situation reported in the Newpaper about the maids lounging around a public area like that... I would feel extremely uncomfortable, if I were on a night out with my friends to shop. To have such a large group of people gathered there would cause overcrowding and it would ruin the atmosphere. After this is Orchard Road. It merely a place to go to shop and meet up with friends. It is not a place to picnic or dance in public. There are other places designated for such activities. I feel that they doing the wrong thing at the wrong place. Furthermore, such large numbers would congest the areas making people who go there with the purpose to shop feel uncomfortable and unhappy.

I do understand that they would want to let hair down after a hard week of work. I am not trying to take that away from them. I just want them to be more aware of others' feelings and the feelings of locals and tourists who go to these spots. All I am asking is for them to be more considerate. They are usually really loud as well. To put it bluntly, this weekly 'event' becomes a nuisance to weekend shoppers. Also, the image of thousands of immigrants sitting on the steps and sidewalks of Ion does in fact cheapen the chic and posh image that that location that houses famous fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada and Miu Miu is going for.

Gatherings, unless public and planned gatherings, should be held indoors or at a contained area. Or else it will hinder public spaces from carrying out their purpose. I usually dun talk about this sort of thing, but it is a thought that looms in my head all the time. Our island is already so small, I am getting claustrophobic at the thought of our population increasing by 25% in less than 10 years. That is MIND BLOWING.

I can put up with the fact that public transportation is a WAR ZONE and that I have to be physically harassed as I get squeezed on buses and mrts everyday when I go to school and when I go back. I can handle the fact that I have to queue for EVERYTHING in this country. I realize that life is never gonna be convenient anymore thanks to a country that is bursting at the seems with the number of people that occupy this TINY DOT on the face of this giant Earth. I can take it. But if this problem is translated to my days off when I want to have fun with my friends, if they interfere with my only reason of living (aka shopping), then that is where I draw the line. I feel that my opinion is the opinion of many who are residing in Singapore, especially if they are locals who have been living here for quite some time.

I wish that the government would do something about this. And they should, if they EVER want to successfully foster this sense of 'nationalism' that our country obviously lacks. If they dun want to see a decreasing pool of local talents as they fly to other countries to escape from this one. If they want their citizens to gladly fight for, defend and represent their country proudly, I feel the government needs to reflect and take actions on small social matters like this that directly affect the people. Rather than always talking about far-off 10-year future plans that may not even be relevant at that time. After all, who knows what will happen to Singapore then.

This is of course, just my opinion. I just felt the need to write it out.

So that's how it is.


DONE. Gonna go watch Hellcats now. 'Cos Gossip Girl is the pits. OMG. DO NOT GET ME STARTED. Dan and Blair kissed and now the world in crumbling and I wanna assassinate the scriptwriters or whatever. Whoever. SOMEONE MUST PAY!!!

UGH. Hellcats. Hellcats. Hellcats. *chant until I get GG out of my mind*

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