Jaded Thoughts.

9:59 PM

The first week back from the recess week is really not a pleasant one since I had such a great time chilling and being a waste of space on Earth. Not to mention I had tests to study for and assignments due on the same week. It was quite stressful. I was so stressed the entire week. rushing one thing after another. I felt I didn't even have time to breathe, let alone think and do each task properly. It was all done in a very haphazard manner, nothing really sinking into my brain before I sat for each test.

But oh well, it went as well as it could've with the amount of studying I dedicated to the subjects. So hopefully I passed at the very least.

Today was pretty good though, eventhough I am pretty sure I screwed up my French Test. But Diyanah came to NUS for a visit and all of a sudden the campus became SO MUCH more bearable and enjoyable. I forgot how it was like to have her in the same school as me. She came over and looked all hot and smokin' with her Armani jacket, red leather satchel bag and blonde hair. We looked around in my school fair and we each bought graphic tees (my STAPLE clothing in NUS. It's practically my uniform. All I ever wear is oversized male graphic tees over bottoms) and snacked on chips and milk tea as we chatted. And later on we also got some onigiri.

I've been eating quite a bit 'cos when I got home, I guzzled two bowls of tomyam along with two helpings of rice and chocolate and ... Okay, I'm not gonna think about it. I would've enjoyed them more if I didnt have this splitting headache. I ate panadol but it doesn't seem to be working. =( It's really awful right now. My head feels like exploding and my eyes are about to pop out of their sockets any moment.

Maybe it's 'cos I have alot on my mind lately. Not just with school, but with stuff at home as well. Particularly financial matters which I have to figure out and help my family out. These days, problems just plague my brain like a swarm of locusts. They are constantly on my mind without me even knowing it. From the moment Iwake to the moment that I close my eyes for the day.

That is the sign a person who has truly grown up. Being 21 this year, I think I have passed this milestone in my life long ago. I was practically born jaded.

This weekend, I want a good well-deserved rest. But I dun think I can. There's just too many things on my mind. I have my French Oral test to study for, along with the looming Political Science assignment and South Asian studies presentation... And whether I can get a job as soon as the semester ends. I cannot even have time to rest after the semester's over. I have to start a job immediately. There's so much to think about...

I think I need another panadol.

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