Make-up & BFF

2:34 AM

I know that she'll probably kill me for doing this. But I just HAD to 'cos it's just too fucking gorgeous. When I saw the pic I was like whhhuuuuuttt. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting my best friend.


IKR! Holy shit, right?! I just wanted to boast around. 'Cos she's so gorgeous, especially in this pic I think. She recently did some photoshoot thing for some fashion blog as a favour for a friend. Nothing HUGE. She'll seriously kill me if I make too big a deal about it. But I just really like this photo ALOT so I wanted to share it here. Besides not a lot of people read my blog anyway. I'm sure she won't mind. Her hair and make-up here is seriously awesome.

Speaking of make-up, I recently bought a few stuff like this lipstick that is Katy Perry pink. As in HOT PINK. I dunno what possessed me to even BUY it, but I just thought it was really bold. Now all I need to complete my daring lipstick collection is my MAC Morange, which is kinda like a Ke$ha fluorescent orange. THEN I am done! 'Cos I am so not gonna buy black and purple and be all Taylor Momsen. I wanna wear out my Hot Pink lipstick soon! Although I have no idea what to wear it with. Not like I have the most colourful wardrobe in the world. I am not Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. When I do wear it out, I'll be sure to snap a pic and show you guys.

I rely ALOT on MAKEUP. There is NO WAY in HELL that I will step out of the house without at least doing my eyebrows and having at least mascara so that people will know where my eyes are. It's no joke, my eyes are really small for someone who doesn't have a single oriental blood in them. I get mistaken for a Chinese all the time, everyday. Nothing wrong with that, except I am not Chinese. At all.

Anyway, I rely alot on makeup. In fact, my face = makeup. 'Cos it's the cheapest way to change how I look without going under the knife or whatever. It's not about looking nice, it's about looking human and presentable. People might SAY they prefer a more natural look. But these people are LYING. 'Cos unless you're an SKII model, a made-up face trumps a bare one.

This blog post has no longer anymore direction since I only craeted it to show Diy's pic. And it's 3am and I've got nothing to do. WELL, I'm gonna try and empty my thoughts or whatever, in hopes of catching some Zs.

ALSO, by the way, as today was sunday. I spent the day doodling again. I love anime, what can I say. And to add to my k-on memorabilia sketches (or attempts at sketching), today I drew a prettier version of Mugi-chan! (Kinda looks like Diy though) HERE IT IS! Okay, off to try again in bed.

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