Rainy Days.

9:52 PM

I hate rainy days.

They make my shoes soaked and my toes are shrivelly. It's cold and wet and awful. Also when the huge raindrops pelt at the umbrella, it's so deafening I can't even hear myself think. At that moment, all I wanna do is run to my bed and curl up in layers and layer of blankets and CLOSING MY EYES. I dun even wanna open them... Ever. I just wanna lie there. In that pile of blankets. It's also 'cos rainy days always make me feel so lonely.

Loneliness is a horrible feeling. Almost as bad as aimlessness.

And lucky for me, I have both. Times like these, I wanna have that special someone to chat with and spend warm moments together. Making wonderful memories.

Maybe if I were pretty and skinny and smart... I'll find someone I like who'll like me back? Makes me wanna get a billion dollars to change everything about me.

Gosh. I hate rainy days.

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