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3:48 PM

The days are just zooming by and I am still scrambling trying to get my life into order, what with the tutorials and assignments and lectures. I think I am getting the hang of French though... Sort of. Well, at least, I can read alot better. All thanks to my French Lecturer and Tutor. I got the same dude for both. So I see him THREE TIMES a week for TWO whole hours. OMG. I hope I dun get sick of seeing his face and he doesn't get sick of seeing mine.

The only module I am pretty sure I will flunk is Genes & Society. I dunno why NUS would even permit this dude to teach a class let alone LECTURE an entire hall of people. He can't even speak ENGLISH!! He speaks with such a heavy foreign accent such that I dun understand a SINGLE word he says. And the more I concentrate on the words he's saying, the more I dun understand what he's trying to say. Furthermore, he uses scientific terms, making his lectures sound all the more incomprehensible. It's a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE module. I am thinking of dropping it, to be honest. It's total shit.

Initially I wanted to spend my last weekend roller-blading at East Coast beach and having a picnic there with my friends. But due to unforseen circumstances and my rotten luck, it had to be cancelled. I was in a foul mood after that. I didn't feel like doing anything. So I didn't. It was my most unproductive weekend ever.

Anyway, Diyanah recently dyed her hair again. So she's no longer a redhead. she helped out her friend for some photoshoot and they dyed her hair. It was bleached and stuff so now she's officially a blonde. Not like a platinum, albino blonde, but a super hot, sexy dirty-blonde type. I know she's my best friend but... WHY SO HOT, TOMO?!! Now she looks totally like a foreigner. In fact, she looks french. The colour is fabulous and the bottom half gets lighter. It's so freakin' gorgeous. I feel like dying my hair too now! =( I'm so bored and sick of my hair. I dun even know what to do with it anymore.

I JUST BIT A HOLE IN MY TONGUE. OH GOD!! HURTS SO BAD. SO PAINFUL. *sigh* Why do I always screw myself over like this? OKAY, I'm gonna try and talk about smth good...

GOSSIP GIRL IS BACK!! *happy dance time*


OH YEA! OH YEA! FINALLY, it feels like my life is worth living again. You have NO IDEA how long I've been waiting for this moment. I practically just fell into depression the moment they announced that new episodes will only be returning after 24 Jan 2011. I started foaming the mouth and had an epileptic reaction due to the MASSIVE shock. But I somehow, I managed to survive and so later I am gonna watch my Gossip Girl episode with all heart.

OH, an also, recently, I've been drawing alot of my fave animes. If only real guys are like anime guys. Sometimes I wish my life was an anime, seriously. And of course, I'll get my Li Syaoran (aka the most perfect guy EVER). But I really like K-on nowadays! Yesterday I drew Mugi. =D

She's so adorable! <3

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