My français is merde.

12:57 PM

French is kicking my ass.

I think I chose the wrong language to study and should've just stuck with Hindi, like I had initially planned. I have no idea why European languages are so hard for me to grasp whilst asian ones are so much more comprehensive to me, eventhough the writing is not necessarily in alphabetic form. I've only had about 2 lessons and tmr will be my next french lecture, before my french tutorials start on monday. THAT sounds like fun. I am really worried now. 'Cos I attempted to do the homework, but I kept getting so many questions wrong 'cos my spelling is so poor. Plus I think my pronunciation is just RUBBISH.

The thing is, when I learn the words and I read it (in my head), I understand what it means and it's totally fine. But when the teachers says it or I have to make a sentence or spell it out myself... Everything just turns into crap. And that poor excuse for a brain that I have in my skull will just short-circuit and go hay-wire. Then I start to panic and I start sweating and ...

Things get ugly.

I guess I have to try harder for French. I mean, if so many people around the world can get it, why can't I??!

But to be honest, I have to try alot harder for everything this sem 'cos all my mods are all not my forte at all.

Moving on to happier things, while I subconsciously continue to worry about my french and science mods, I got to have a good long chat with Jenny using skype. I gotta say though, skype needs to work on it's lame ass internet connection thing. We got cut off in the middle of our convo and THAT, Mr Skype, is just RUDE. And we spent the next 10 mins trying to re-dial each other. Haha! But of course, it was so nice to talk to her again and she was telling me about this play that she'll be directing. It sounds really good! I wish I was there to help her out and watch the play.

This leads me to my main three goals of this 2011:

1. Earn/save enough money to visit Jen in UK
2. Learn another language

3. Lose weight ('cos weighing the same as my friends who are heads taller than me is embarrassing)

Naturally, the overarching theme of my life currently is 'Don't get kicked out of University'. So that would be the MAIN GOAL of my life for the next 2 years. 'Cos I am honestly stressing out a little. But then again, I tend to always do that anyway.

Okay, so right now, I'm gonna go and learn my french numbers. And maybe some tongue exercises or something. So that I can pronounce better and not completely trash and disgrace their language everytime I open my mouth to attempt to speak french.

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