Insomiac's Doodles.

5:48 AM

Hey, everyone! It is currently 5.49AM, as I am typing this right now. I have been lying in bed awake for about 2 hours. Tried listening to slow music. Tried watching some shows to make myself tired. Tried reading something (even READINGS, which are a total bore). And I am wide awake.


I wanna sleep so bad. The weather is cold and absolutely perfect for a good night's sleep. But I can't even take advantage of this awesome weather 'cos I am so damn awake. This is so annoying, I wanna cry. All I wanna do is SLEEP regular hours. So that the next time I sleep wont be at 8AM and wake up at noon. And I dun wanna constantly rely on naps to keep me sane. I can't nap in SCHOOL. Anyways, I've got alot of things to talk about. Which I will soon, 'cos I'm gonna go lay in bed again and hopefully, I will fall into at least some LIGHT sleep before the sun comes out. =( To kill time I made some drawings (and also earlier when Diy came over to my place for a Mangakan day). I'm gonna leave you with some drawings I made with her.

This is Diyanah's drawing. SHE IS SO AWESOME. I think she's so damn talented. I paste all her drawings on my bedroom wall, 'cos I think they are so good. I mean, just LOOK AT IT. And this is her just playing around and being lazy about it. Imagine if she really put in her all. The picture doesn't do justice to the real thing as I used my lousy phone cam. The shading is sooo good. I want her to become a Mangakan!! By the way, she drew the dude from 'My Girl', which a manga drawn by my fave manga artist, Sahara Mizu.

This is MINE. LOL. 'Cos I am not that good, especially with all the technical stuff like shading and things. I honestly dunno all that kind of stuff, I just try my best to copy the pic I like. And it always ends up not looking like the pic at all. This is SUPPOSED to be Yui's sister from K-On. But it's a fail. She ended up looking like a cute orphan for some reason.

Anyways, I SHOULD TRY to sleep again. This is getting extremely frustrating. It is now 6AM and I still haven't had a WINK of sleep. At all.

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