2:11 PM

I have confirmed my theory that all the guys on tumblr are gay. Well, at least 99.9999% of them are, with very few exceptions. My dashboard is constantly flooded with photos of hot guys (which I'm not complaining about, that part's not bad) and also pictures of gay sex. I have nothing against gay people, except that I just see it as less men for me and fewer prospects of finding my 'one true love' or future mate or whatever-you-call-it. I'm cool with it. I don't necessarily want to see them getting it 'on' but that's the case for all sexes. But I get super sad when I see hot guys making out. As much as it's super hot, I feel like DAMN. Wasted oppurtunity. Like Jonathan Groff.

The point is, the guys on tumblr are mostly gay. And they are mostly hot too. So that sucks. It's like being in an all flavour ice-cream factory and lactose-intolerant. You end up thinking, "That looks good! Oh shit. Can't have it. WTF am I doing here even?"

Anyways, LXD is awesome!! I keep watching and rewatching certain parts of the movie. It's The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.

It's essentially Justice League meets Step Up. And it's fucking awesome. They have all these chapters that make up a movie and each chapter is a dance style. the choreography is just MINDBLOWING. My jaw was perpetually on the floor as I was watching the whole thing. It honestly makes me wanna take up dance lessons. I think dance is so awesome. I wish I was half as talent as the people on that movie. I wanna do back tucks and pop and lock and do contemporary. I wanna do so many things. But I feel as if it's a little too late now. Now that I'm pretty old. I'm afraid I won't be able to learn anything 'cos most people start dancing from such a young age.

I wish my mom and dad had listened to me when I was younger and let me join an Art School where I can be properly trained in dance, music and theatre.

If only they had listened...

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