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Okay, I was meaning to post this alot earlier but I couldn't just put down to words my absolute ANGER and DISGUST after I found this out. As you all know, I am a mega super fan of Gossip Girl and Hellcats. But mostly Gossip girl 'cos it's practically my reason for living and I look foreard to it every tuesday 'cos that's my Gossip Girl day. And after I watch it, everything is just so much better.

This week is absolute crap.

I waited for hours for the link to come up, so that I can watch this week's episode. When it didn't come up, I thought it was abit weird. So I went to the CW website and watched the preview. It looks completely awesome and deliciously filled with drama, as usual and I got super excited watching it. Until the ending, when the narrator said, "Watch it 24th January 2011". ...

24th JANUARY??! And it was the same for Hellcats too. I was practically banging my head on my computer screen. Screaming every possible swear/curse words I know in my limited vocabulary. What is this shit, man?! I have to wait MORE THAN A MONTH for the next episode?! That is just ridiculous. Mad, I tell you, MAD. I honestly don't understand why they needed to do that. I would understand if they skipped a week for some Christmas specials or whatever. I would've been understanding. But a WHOLE MONTH?!

Oh, C'mon, CW network! Why are you effing with our heads.

So, I'm really truly aimless at this point. And basically counting down to January 24th. While everyone else is counting down to 2011. *sigh* You can't imagine how disappointed I am.

Anyways, I had an awesome day yesterday with Keetha as we went to Sauna and Gym together. I love doing that 'cos after I sauna, that moment when you hit the showers, the water just feels soooooo good. There is nothing like it in the world. I wish I could do that every week. And then tonight, I have a JC class gathering at Clarke Quay. I can't really afford anything but I'll just go 'cos I wanna see how the rest are doing and catch up with them. Everyone will be so skinny and pretty.

But right now, I'm gonna watch another episode of season 2 of 'Skins'. It's a Brit TV Series. The cast are all really unbelievably good-looking. (not as good-looking as gossip girl, but still) But I am slowing down the pace in Season 2 'cos it's really hardcore and emotionally draining to watch this series. It's like all the shittiest things that can happen to a person, it all happens to them. It's to the point where I think, Omg, I would just kill myself, seriously. And they make the WORST possible decisions in life. I feel like screaming, "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!" to all of them 'cos no rational person would make such obviously BAD decisions and screw up their lives so bad. It's quite frustrating really. But it's still a really good show.

Just that maybe, I shouldn't have watched it all at once 'cos it gets quite depressing.

OKAY, time to toast some marshmallows and go on with the next episode of Skins. I shall blog again about tonight and whatever soon. See y'all in a bit. =)

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