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First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Little Sis!

Eventhough you drive me crazy like 90% of the time, the other 10% is not too bad. And no one else can get our inside jokes or understand our weird brand of humour. I guess that's the best part about having a sister, besides the fact that we share clothes, we can kinda read each others minds. So that's pretty freaky and cool.

Since today is my sister's b'day, I'm planning to bring her out to do whatever she wants. Although it's quite bad timing 'cos I FELL SICK. Ugh. This annoys me to the UTMOST extent. I think my body has finally taken toll on all the late nights and sleeplessness I've been experiencing. I practically didn't sleep at all last night 'cos I felt like puking the entire time. And I kept waking up every half hour. It was so irritating. Plus, my body ached from head to toe and I was freezing eventhough the fan wasn't even switched on or anything. I only managed to get some sleep at 7 am after I ate a piece of toast and drank some coffee. I managed to sleep for about 3 hours before I woke up again, feeling nauseous and with my mouth tasting like Dead Rat. How nice (NOT!). But I'm just gonna grit my teeth and bring my sis out anyway 'cos I kinda promised her.

Last night, I had my class gathering at Timbre (which by the way, is an extremely overrated place. Overrated and overpriced). Besides, the company I had, the only other thing I liked was the good live band that was playing. I WISH I COULD GET THAT JOB!! IT WOULD BE SO EFFING AWESOME. I kept singing along with her and wishing I was in her place. I know it sounds completely lame but I've always dreamed of being a bar singer as a part-time job. I get paid to sing, get to do covers of popular songs and there's no pressure 'cos not many people would be listening anyways 'cos they're all busy with their own conversations.

Anyways, it was nice seeing everyone. My class hasn't changed one bit! Haha! Except now we dress alot better. And Wanting and Shanmei looked freakin' hot as usual. Xin Lin had this super cool polaroid camera and Crystal brought her DSLR so, I got to play around with it too. The only down side to the night was that I paid 12 bucks for eating 2 tiny drumsticks 'cos I was so full from a late lunch. What a waste, mann. =( I'm a little sore about that. Blew a complete hole in my wallet. Some pics! (from wanting's cam)

On a completely different note, I have to say that I have a MAJOR crush on Kaya Scodelario who plays Effy Stonem from Skins. OMFG, HOW can someone be THIS PRETTY?!! She reminds me of a blue eyed, brunette version of Emma Watson. And guess what? They're friends! Figures, hot people make friends with other hot people and then they go out and make everyone else feel ugly and unworthy. DAMN YOU, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. Her character in Skins sucks 'cos she is such a major slut and screw up but she is so pretty, I can't even hate her (like I do Jenny Humphrey The Total Bitch). I also can't wait for Emma Watson's new movie, 'Ballet Shoes'. She looks gorgeous in it, as usual. I'm quite excited. I love looking at pretty girls, eventhough my self-esteem suffers a major hit after that.


ALSO, in other unrelated news, but I just feel like saying, I like Charlie (from Charlieissocoollike)'s new hair better than the long red hair he had before. I think the light golden brown suits him better and actually... What am I saying? Doesn't matter 'cos he looks hot in anything. Pfft. Damn you hot people.

OKAY, I'm gonna take my meds again and get ready to go out with my sis. Catch y'all later! =)

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