Sick days & Journals.

6:06 PM

I realize that I'm like a loser who blogs practically everyday. well, enjoy while you can people, 'cos once school starts, I'll probably just fade into oblivion and this blog will be nothing but hate notes dedicated to my school.

Actually I don't have have much to say today except that I had a great time yesterday eventhough I was sick like a dog. I managed to treat my sister to dinner and bought her a pair of bright blue and red headphones. 'Cos she has always been bugging me about getting one. So just to shut her up once and for all, i just bought her one. She absolutely loves it and it's pretty sweet looking to be honest. Almost like a toy. And the sound quality is really good. Although the brand isn't exactly well-known, it looks swank and that's what counts in our books.

Yea, I'm superficial. Deal with it.

HAHA! Today, I'm having some major R&R, also known as being a complete lazy ass. But I have an excuse 'cos I'm still sick. So I have to make a full recovery asap so that I can go out with Jenny tmr. SUPER DUPER EXCITED ABOUT THAT. Omg. Felt like I haven't seen her in ages. Which is true, actually. I haven't seen ages. My agenda today is simply to get better and not let my fever relapse. So, I've just been wasting time online and doing some writing.

Actually, I stopped writing as soon as school began so, I didn't get many new pieces done this year. It's really sad. I do abit of writing now and then, in my journal and poems and schtuff. Yessss, I still do it. I still keep a journal and I do write some poems once in a while when I'm inspired. (I feel so weird typing this out. Like a total poser) It's the only artistic thing I can do since I can't do music or draw well. And every human being needs to flex their right brain muscles once in a while and unleash some form of creativity. It helps me feel more alive and less of a machine, built by society's expectations.

I usually write quite alot. Especially when I was younger and a teen. Now not so much. =( That's pretty sad but I hardly get inspired anymore. I simply accept everything and go with the flow. Then I curse at everything silently in my head and then bottle it up until all of it just fizzles away. I'm so jaded now. Guess, it all comes with age. I think one of my new year resolutions is to do more writing.

Just because.

It would be nice that when I'm old and grey. I can take out all my old journals and scraps of paper where I scribbled some nonsensical rhyme and read them to myself, recalling all my youth. I probably wouldn't want my future husband or child to read any of them (especially my journals) 'cos they're all filled with bad words. Haha! But I've always thought my old journals were cool as they capture me for who I am at that moment, and it's the only time I am really, truly honest with myself. The only thing I wish would be that I was a person who can DRAW. 'Cos I've always wanted to add some illustrations to my journals. Just that everytime I try. They just look like a bunch of squiggly lines that even I can't make out. And to be honest, it looks total shit. so I get really jealous when I see those cool, artistic journals with cute illustrations and lots of colours.

OKAY, ENOUGH RAMBLINGS. I'm feeling drowsy from the meds. I shall now just leave you with this:


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