Brilliant BFF.

11:26 PM

Brilliant! Today was absolutely brilliant!! =D

And I knew it would 'cos I would be spending the day with my bestie, Jenny who's finally back from UK. I'm so glad my shopping partner is back!! And of course, my wallet suffered a massive, massive blow. But it's cool 'cos I made some good buys and most importantly, it was super fun. We hit town and thank goodness, the crowd wasn't too vicious. The crowds during dinner and on weekends are equivalent to stampedes or a packed mosh pit where I will just drown in the sea of people and probably die. But since it's a weekday afternoon, the crowds were bearable.

OMG. Jenny lost TONS of weight!! I almost couldn't recognise her from the back. Luckily I recognised her skirt and I kinda yelled out her name, just in case. I don't want that awkward moment when I mistake someone as someone else. I hugged her and kept raving about how she lost so much weight. It was amazing! I HAVE TO GO TO UK. Then maybe I will stop gaining so much weight. She told me it was the whole not-knowing-how-to-cook and bad school food that made her eat relatively lesser. Plus, eating out is so expensive, especially since it's in pounds. I guess, it's a gift and curse that Singapore is such a food haven where I can find ANY KIND of food known to man at a relatively affordable price. DARN YOU SINGAPORE AND YOUR GOOD FOOD.

Anyways, she looks amazing and all slim. She's like practically my size now and she was so amazed 'cos she can fit into an 'S' and I was like, DUH. We did lots of shopping but not before we sat down at starbucks, as usual and have our coffee talk. It was GREAT catching up. I had the best time. She was telling me all about her uni life (which rocked hardcore compared to the absolute SHIT I got through at NUS). Do you know that they practically don't get graded at all?! It's all about comments and participation. That is my kind of school I tell you. Unlike my lame-ass school where, here, we get GRADED even on our comments and participation.

I wouldn't be surprised if they graded breathing. It's just how Singapore is.

Okay, I have to stop myself, 'cos this post is slowly going off tangent and turning into another NUS hate post. THINK HAPPY: Okay, okay. So, after our coffee chat, we got to our shopping and it was the best. 'Cos Jen's my conscience and doesn't let me go crazy as I normally would've. And we always have such good 'chi' together. We'll managed to find some really cool stuff. And as always, sales follow me. Jen bought this huge beige bag (last piece), and a cool sort of boho scarf that's pretty and rather colourful so it'll pop and still match tons of clothing. THEN, I am so glad I was there to talk her into buying this GORGEOUS Teal trenchcoat from Forever21. Anyway, it caught my eye and I pushed Jen to try it on and it was sooooooo awesome. She looked so slim and chic and the colour is just drop-dead. Plus, it was a total STEAL at only $59. She hesitated but after much persuasion ('cos I couldn't let her regret not buying this one), she bought it. I can't wait to see her in it. It's really a killer buy.

As for me, I bought a pair of Vans shoes from Leftfoot. It's a bright mustard yellow suede leather with green details. I know, pretty loud. But that will be part of my new look for 2011. I'm thinking next year will be all about bright colours and kind of a boho-chic vibe. Anything really old and retro. I'm really having a thing for those things. My motto is to always start the new year with a new look to reinvent myself for the year and a pair of new shoes. The best way to start the new year!! Also, I bought this really cool loose knit top from Forever21. It has salmon pink and grey stripes. I am totally in love with it 'cos it's freakin' briliant. I'm gonna wear it out soon and take pictures. =)

Speaking of pictures! Some pics we took today. They are super lousy 'cos of my lousy ass phone camera. I seriously have to get my camera fixed PRONTO. I wore out my cool, knit thigh high socks, eventhough I know they make my legs look chunky and short and emphasize my thighs. I don't care. And I don't care that people were staring at me. I was just so excited to show them off to Jenny. I am a simple girl who has a weakness for shoes, stockings and socks. THEY ARE THE BEST!!

YAYYY! I AM SO HAPPY!! I cannot wait to hang with her again. And next time I'll take better pictures from a real camera. So that you don't have to be exposed to such BAD QUALITY photos ever again. I do apologize for the noobness of my phone cam. It's 3.2 megapixels. *thumbs down and BOO*


-------> OH YEAH. NOT BAD!! Wooh. What a relief. You deserve a treat for surviving that shit. And so I will go and make myself a sammich 'cos I'm a BAMF. 'PASSED' is a great word. I have the same grades which is not gonna help me in finding out my major but hay, better than failing. Whuuddduppp. This day is rockin'.
-> TEXT FROM FRIENDS -> And then everyone thinks my results suck -> ALL FRIENDS CONSOLE ME -> Pissed, angry and made my day super rotten.

That was how the rest of my day went. Which was totally downhill as I checked my results for the first sem. And at first I was totally okay with my results 'cos I passed and I thought I would do much worse. Although I am disappointed I didn't get any A, but that was mostly 'co I wanna know what I'll be good at so that I can major in that. But apparently, it's the same for ALL MY SUBJECTS. Hence, I am still as aimless as I was before. And then everyone else makes you feel like shit 'cos they've got better results and in NUS, A = Average and anything below that, like a B = Bad. B = Burden to Family. B = BOOHOOOHOOO *cries*

Fuck them.

And then I actually quite okay with my CAP (which is something like a grade point average system in NUS), until they all made me feel like shit again by saying that anything below 3.5 is completely USELESS. And I was like, "Thanks guys. Thanks so much. You made me feel so incredibly special and unique." 'Cos I guess I'm the only 'useless' one around. Ohhh, the people in NUS always makes me feel so fuzzy inside.

(heavy sarcasm there)

I hate how everyone and everything there can make me feel like total shit, even after one of the funnest days ever. In an instant, I was patting my back and the next thing I know I was taking the knives out of it. Just because I am not a grade-obsessed, overachiever.


I am getting extremely upset as I type this out as I realize that I still have 2 more years in that horrid place. And I will still be labeled as that fucking bimbo who just cares about fashion and not about studying. I'm just gonna maintain my perfectly average (or as THEY call it 'LOUSY') score, as long as I can graduate from that shit place. And next sem, I am just gonna focus on ONE thing: Saving enough money to visit Jenny in UK and then maybe, if I get a job... PARIS!!

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