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To be honest, I'm still pretty bummed about the whole NUS thing and I will be bidding for my next semester's modules soon. I know that it will be nothing short of a TOTAL nightmare. But I will get to that when the time comes. Besides, I shouldn't be moaning and moping about 'cos it's Christmas Eve! HOLLA!!

I don't exactly celebrate Christmas but I just love the holiday. It's so cheery and festive and everything is simply extra nice on Christmas Day. Puts me in a good mood. I don't have much plans tmr though. No Christmas parties to attend, which is understandable since I don't officially celebrate it. But I think I will reward myself a little, simply 'cos it's Christmas and I should make myself happy no matter what. I might be buying myself a Grande Toffee Nut Latte from Starbucks, along with their Christmas Muffins, to get into the spirit of things. And maybe snack on some cookies from Famous Amos too. 'Cos nothing says Christmas like sweet Christmas Treats and totally ignoring calories. Everything is low fat in Christmas (that is what you convince yourself with). SO EAT ALL I WANT.

Also, for the new year, I've gotten myself a haircut! Actually, I wasn't planning on cutting my hair at all, seeing as how people were totally against me with short hair. There were one or two that preferred me with short hair but that was a rarity, really. My dad was begging me not to cut my hair even shorter. But my hair grew so quickly, it's already shoulder length and completely shapeless. I died my hair 4 weeks ago and I already have obvious roots. So, I thought it wouldn't matter if I cut my hair now, 'cos it'll grow back in a blink of an eye. But my dad HATES my short hair. I suppose it is true that guys want girls with long hair 'cos they look more feminine.

(10 mins later)

UGH OKAY. Maybe I do look better with long hair. I actually went to look at some of my old pics when I had long hair, just to compare and yea, well. I guess, it's true. I look better with long hair. But I just felt like having a change. 'Cos I had long hair for so long and I only had short hair like THIS YEAR. I wanna go back to the old times when I was in primary and secondary school when I had short hair and didn't really care much about it. It's so much less of a hassle than long hair was.

This was me with long hair. I actually grew it out till longer than THAT even. It was a huge change really.

For 2011, I decided to go short again. But this time, slightly shorter than my last haircut and Cardcaptor Sakura style!! It's my FAVE anime when I was a young girl. And I have always wanted Sakura's hair, which is really short and almost bob-like at the back with long strands of hair at the front plus a fringe. =D I went for it and specifically told the hairdresser what I wanted and showed her PLENTY pics. And by golly SHE GOT IT. My hair is VERY much like Cardcaptor Sakura, especially if I style it properly. I'm really happy with it. Eventhough it isn't as feminine or the typical pretty look like my long hair was, I'm still lovin' my new do!

ALSO, I am super proud 'cos I convinced my sister into cutting her hair boy-short. Like a pixie cut. At first she wanted to grow her hair long, but after I showed her some pics and talked her into it. She was game to chop the off for a bold, yet practical look for 2011. Check it out! It turned out BRILLIANT!!

She looks totally awesome and adorable. And super brave of her to do it too. Proud of her!

I LOVE CHANGING MY LOOK. I think it's the best feeling in the world to experiment with your hair and make-up. Then construct you wardrobe and matching different pieces together in order to create totally different looks. And then changing the look each year for a BRAND NEW ME. It keeps me happy, it's how I express myself. I honestly shouldn't care what people think. And just be myself, the me that I am at that moment in time.

So that when I look back, I can show my kids how I looked and dressed before and how much a Bamf, I am. All the crazy things I wore and did. I mean, Who wants to look the same all their lives?

And so, me and my sister camwhored with my lousy laptop webcam. 'Cos that's what people do when they get their hair done. They document it. In the form of photos. For y'know... Future references. And partly 'cos it's so darn fun!


Anyways, catch y'all later! I'm off to find some Clowcards.

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