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8:02 PM

Can you believe that it's just 3 days to the new year?!

This year practically flew by and I barely had time to sit back and really enjoy the ride. The first half totally rocked and then the second half of 2010 sucked balls, thanks to school. But I will do my 2010 reflection another day. Closer to the new year. I have so many things on my mind right now I dunno which to address first.

Well, let's start with the good stuff. Like me and Diyanah, finally shopping!! I haven't shopped with her in AGES and it felt so great to finally hang out with her, since she's always so busy with work. As usual she looked totally to die for and cute with her over-sized dress, bowler hat and red satchel slingbag. Her bag was totally gorgeous, and the real thing. She ordered it from Cambridge and it was Fedex-ed to her at lightning speed. It's super gorgeous 'cos it's such a classic and brilliant red and not to mention, it's entirely made out of leather. So it's durable and feels totally lovely. Leather is so awesome. It's her dream bag and I'm so glad that she got it!

Speaking of bags, I too found a bag or TWO bags that are ABSOLUTELY perfect for the new year. I am absolutely in love with them and I am so glad I bought them. Eventhough they were a tad bit pricey. I got a vintage tote and bagpack for the new year, which I am DYING to wear out. Both are entirely made out of really vintage, sort of ethnic-y material. Similar to the old upholstery that old vintage couches are made out of. I AM IN LOVE WITH MY BAG. I shall show you.

I think it's so unique. =D It's so hard for me to find a bagpack for school that suits me. And there you go. Found one just in time, too. THEREFORE, I shall not go out to buy anything else ('cos I'm flat broke anyway). I've got my new bag and new shoes for the new year. This hopefully means that 2011 will be a great year, since I've got the right accessories to start it off.

I can't help it. I always somehow or other associate everything with clothes and fashion.

Besides me, who was not supposed to spend anything and ended up spending anyway 'cos I always seem to see something worth buying everytime I head to town, Diyanah went insane and bought TONS of stuff. And thanks to me, as well, the Ultimate Shopping Partner. We got to attract some major awesome buys and she's gotten everything she needed for the new year. She got new sneakers (to replace her worn out ones) which was this super cool limited edition converse that I've never seen before. It looked super old school. And then she got oxfords and some tops and pants. She bought alot of cool slouchy harem pants. I can give more and more descriptions to bore you even further, but I just love the feeling of talking about purchases. Buying something new is always such a RUSH. It's the best feeling ever.

But all fun and games aside, I have some major thinking to do about what modules to take next sem. Since I haven't declared my major, yet, I get to pick whatever I want, as long as it fulfills the module requirements to graduate. And I am honestly, very lost at this point 'cos I really dunno what to do with my life. I dunno what I'm good at 'cos my results are completely average. I don't seem to have a knack or talent at anything. So, there is no particular department or module that I know I should take that I'll be good at. I am just an average person. With average grades. And absolutely no clue where to go. I am a total nobody.

Oh, well, I've decided to challenge myself next sem by taking two language modules. I wanna see which one I would prefer and then continue doing that language as an unrestricted elective. To heck with all the requirements. I wanna study and learn what I want to. I am so sick of NUS limiting us and all this stupid framework they keep making us base our decisions upon. It completely douses my thirst for knowledge and makes me take modules that I didn't want to take in the first place, just to clear graduation requirements. Ridiculous, I tell you. So, next sem, is the final sem where I can study whatever I want, before I am stuck under the even more rigid requirements of a major.

I just hope that next sem would be better.

And I won't have to write so many hate posts all the time. And this burning hatred for my Alma mater would reduce at least a little bit.

I have no idea what module. I haven't declared my major unlike everyone else and everyone is like shaking their heads in disapproval of my utter AIMLESSNESS and lack of WILL to do anything, really.

I'm so confused. And frustrated.


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