Mistletoes are useless.

3:27 PM

I suppose I do have quite alot of things to write about.

Such as the Post-Christmas party I attended with all my theatre studies friends. It was loads of fun 'cos there was a proper Christmas tree with ornaments and all and there was tons of food, desserts and we played games and took loads of pictures. It was really fun. We had a theme and everything, although as usual, I was the only one who was totally overdressed. I am so used to being overdressed. I have been overdressed my whole life, so I guess, this is no exception. But I was really proud of my punk-rock/tutu outfit. It's one of my fave outfits of this year. =)

We played Taboo (which I totally rocked at) and eventhough we abandoned it halfway through, MY TEAM (Two Terrific) was totally winning by a LANDSLIDE. 'Cos we're too terrific. Get it?! Pun intended. And then we took loads of pics and camwhored the whole night until it was time to go and I managed to catch the last train home. It was fun! And I'm glad that this year, at least, I got to keep in touch with people, unlike my previous years where I simply shut myself out and stayed indoors, doing nothing but mope about and watching romantic movies and reading books. I'm glad that this year, I went against my laziness and apprehension and actually went out for once.

Here are some pics of the highlights of the nights events. (hmm, I realize that my blog is getting rather narcissistic. I promise I won't post pics of myself any time soon. AFTER this post)

It's literally days away till the new year. And the new school semester.


The bidding period is always the most stressful period for me 'cos I really wanna get all the modules that I painstakingly planned out for the new sem. If I dun get them then, I'll be utterly miserable 'cos there is no other modules I wanna take. I have no idea but I seem to have very little interest in anything. It's like there is no one in the world more aimless than me. I dun really know what I wanna do and what really interests me, so I just picked the ones that sort of appeal more to me. In hopes of getting the mods that I want. But the bidding system in NUS is CRAZY. Like you never what will happen and how they will allocate you. You dunno your chances and sometimes, luck just runs out and you dun get to study what you want. Which is RIDICULOUS 'cos logically you paid thousands and thousands of dollars for a university education, so that you can study what you want to study and do what you want in life.

But not here. You don't always get what you want. The dollars here are just the price of the lottery tickets. You don't have a guaranteed chance of winning.

I've decided the mods that I wanna do for next sem after staying up all night and browsing through all the modules available and seeing how to fulfill my damn modular requirements to graduate. And I sort of have it all sorted out. It all depends on the bidding war and if I get a place in the classes that I want. Vacancies are limited and it is literally a WAR out there. I just hope I have enough points to bid for them.

People would be shocked at the modules I'm gonna be doing. And most probably they will shake their heads in disapproval as it's not the conventional combination that most undergraduates would take. And I have yet to declare a major. So many would just think that I am wasting my time in uni. Seeing as I didn't go the orthodox route. They'd probably go, "omg. what is she even doing here? Uni isn't fun and games." Which is understandable, I guess. But youth is all about fun and games, isn't it. And I still have a bit of it left before I turn that dreaded, dreaded 21 and become a full-fledged adult. I don't wanna regret. And I know uni will suck anyway. So might as well... Do what I want.

Or at least THINK I want.

In other news, I have been watching loads of romantic movies. And they are seriously the best and rubbing it in my face that I am alone and sad and ugly and fat. GOD. I have a total love-hate relationship with romantic films. Especially the classics that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I watch them and I smile and cry as the plot goes, and then the credits and I look around and I'm alone. Then I walk to the bathroom to wash my face and then I realize, that girl got her man 'cos she's fucking gorgeous and kinda perfect. And I am neither of those. So I crawl into bed, thinking all I wanna do is SLEEP and dream about happy, filmy moments with me as the protagonist.

And then I realize that I have insomnia and can't sleep.

Plus when I do, it is completely dreamless. Romantic films (especially Bollywood ones) are like drugs. They get you high and happy for that moment when you are using them (or watching them, in this case). Then, when it's finished and the effects wear off, you just feel shittier than you did before. Hence, you feel the need to watch another, just to feel less shitty and feel that same warm, fuzzy high again.

Also, I've had another epiphany as to WHY I can never ever be skinny or lose weight. And I will leave you with THIS:

"stressed spelled backwards is desserts"


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