Looking Up.

2:52 AM

It is 2.53am right now, as I am typing this post and I am wide awake.

I will not blame it on the several rounds of coffee I can had today. This is the case EVERYDAY. With or without coffee. I am super duper excited because my best friend will be ARRIVING back in Singapore today. I am waiting for her to text me and stuff. To tell me that she has arrived and I'm gonna spend AS MUCH time with her as humanly possible without being a total stalker and creeping her out. 'Cos when the new term starts, she'll have to fly back to the UK and I'll be trapped back in that hell-hole called NUS.

I wonder if NUS reads my blog. If anyone googles NUS and 'Hate', I'm pretty sure my blog would be on top of that list. Pfft. Whhuuuutttever. It's called freedom of speech, mann.

I had a pretty good day today. It was really fruitful and kinda awesome eventhough I'm really guilty for eating such an insane amount of food in a day. Firstly, I had a shopping day with my little sis. We went to orchard and I showed her the ways of a true shopaholic and true enough, we found lots of good buys. What can I say, good buys follow me wherever I go. No lies. so she bought this cool checked top that she has always wanted and we got this super cool vintage cloth bag. It was made of wool and suede leather and looks all old and awesome. I wanted it the moment I laid eyes on it. Thank God, we got the last piece (I even asked them to check other outlets). So YAY! Last piece again. This always happens to me. =)

Also I got some essentials like toner and stuff. Then I had to leave my sister halfway and met up with my language class friends and had a korean feast followed by Starbucks and Pool. I did some major damage to the pool table. In the good sense. As in I broke out some skills all thanks to Jenny and all the times I went to her place to play pool. Plus, all we did mostly was trash talk. Which was hilarious!

(on a side note, and totally unrelated at all: I need to name my future son 'Logan' 'cos it's my favourite male name EVER and all Logans are hot. Fact.)

Anyways, today was fun! Shopping + good food + coffee + friends + family + pool + Assassins Creed at home + more food = GOOD DAY!

By today I mean yesterday (Monday) and TODAY (tuesday) will also be great 'cos my best friend is coming back to spend christmas here with me and tuesday is also my gossip girl day. I've been blogging alot lately 'cos that's what I like to do online. Facebook is a wasteland and tumblr just makes me feel complete shit 'cos it's a dashboard filled with gorgeous, beautiful ordinary people. I always feel like going for intensive plastic surgery to reconstruct my entire face and body after I go on tumblr. So the safest place is my blog. I feel as if I'm the only one in this world who still blogs about my life. And I feel as if I'm writing to no one. 'Cos no one's gonna read it anyways. *sigh* Oh wellllllllllll


LOL!! HAHAHAHAHA! Dumbledore gets PWNed.

It's 3.34am now. Still dunno what to do. Gonna try and read a book to make myself sleepy, if that's even possible. Wish me luck so that I can get at least 4 hours of proper sleep tonight.

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