Book versions are not always the best.

9:30 PM

Any good books to recommend, people??

And nothing too heavy like about war fugitives escaping their war-torn country or a troubled gay teen who has been gang raped with an abusive father. Nothing too heavy and depressing but nothing too light and fluffy like those lame ass romances (that you know is just a bunch of bullshit people make up to make you feel lonely and shitty for the rest of your life).

I'm reading 'Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist' 'cos loads of people kept saying that the book was better than the movie. And I really liked the movie alot so the book has gotta be kickass... NOT. It is so boring and really childish. As in, I'm not saying that it's complete and utter literary TRASH like the twilight series. But I'm just saying that it's not very good. The plot has it's merits and I get engaged when the interactions get deeper and the protagonists start taking about themselves for real and the music lyrics start to reflect who they really are instead of just swearing all the freakin' time. But other than those times, it is really quite boring. And a let down.

THE MOVIE WAS BETTER. Ugh. What the hell.

The style of writing is so crass. And it's like I'm reading the blog of angry teenagers who are just moaning and groaning about their lives (ironic much, since I do that here). I do like he parts where they connect with songs (although I don't know like 90% of them) and the lyrics provide a good springboard to some deep writing and stuff that I can connect with. But other times, it's just like some uncensored fanfiction. Whatever, I'm gonna finish the book anyway. 'Cos I'm just a few chapters will the end. But after that I dunno which book to read and get lost in.

I dun have much to do these days. Besides get fat. At home. Just getting fat.

SO PLEASE RECOMMEND ME A GOOD BOOK TO GET INTO!! I haven't read a really good book this year, which is super disappointing. I hope to change that soon.

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