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1:47 AM

Today was a good day out with my awesome friends, Gaya and Keetha!

We were out to celebrate Keetha's belated 19th birthday. But since it was a surprise, Keetha has no idea and did some major dressing down. Haha! Gaya and I dressed with the vintage, modest theme in mind. We had on our really modest length skirts and looked all proper. My skirt was actually a really old skirt my grandma made for me when I was in primary school, when I was 10. It was a full length skirt back then but I wore today as a high-waisted knee length skirt. I felt really happy! Like I found an old treasure in my closet. My grandma made a matching vest too, but the arm holes were too small. Hopefully I can get my mom to fix them up 'cos I think they look fab. The band was elastic, so that was how I fit into it. My waist did not remain the same since I was 10. I just realized how that sounded so I thought I should clear that up.

My memory card for my camera is totally screwed so I had to keep using my LOUSY phone camera, which is just shit. But better than nothing I suppose. Keetha's phone has a freakin' 8 megapixel camera on it but she refuses to load the photos on Facebook and her phone doesn't have bluetooth (like those damn iPhones) so I'll probably never see those photos again.

And so we ate at 'Skinny Pizza' which is really sly 'cos they just give us sparse toppings on a pan-sized cracker and then charge us extra for giving us LESS. Way to go marketing team!! Like I totally didn't see your ploy. But Keetha wanted to eat there so we gave it a try. The food was good, but c'mon. We know your gimmick, Skinny Pizza. The jig is up! Keetha was full after she ate a slice. I honestly felt like I was eating turkey ham with rocket leaves and crackers. I SWEAR. So I wasn't that full. So I got myself a cup of my fave YOGURU. Totally worth your money.

Actually I ate alot today. Well, more than usual. I feel really guilty seeing as I ate the most out of my friends. Highlights were the super awesome red bean and chestnut pancake from that Japanese Pancake shop at Taka. THEY WERE SO GOOD! Two of my fave things in one. AND I had Green Tea Latte at Starbucks.

I HEART GREEN TEA LATTE. It's one of my absolute favourites in Starbucks. Along with Toffee Nut and any form of coffee, be it a simple Americano, a shot of Espresso or the usual Cappucino and Latte. I admit I try not to go there too often 'cos it blows a MAJOR hole in my wallet just for a cup of coffee. (And I learnt my lesson from Secondary School when I blew my entire month's allowance on nothing but coffee and Starbucks. Thanks to my previous Caffeine addiction) But it's really good stuff. Sometimes, I can't resist.

Not to mention the insane breakfast I had. I SERIOUSLY have go to stop eating. I'm already heavier than all my friends who are taller than me. Soon, I'll just be known as the fat chic.

Anyway, some pictures!! Gaya chopped off all her long lustrous curly locks for a really daring boy-ish cute and it looks SO FABULOUS. She looks so great and more youthful and fashionable with the new do. I'm so proud of her for having the courage to chop off all that hair. I knew it took some courage (more like a super nonchalant heck-care attitude) to chop off all my hair last time. Diyanah did a drastic hair change too. She dyed it all red. Needless to say, it looks ridiculously awesome on her. All my friends are just gorgeous, trendy people, really.

Me, in my modest outfit. Lovin' my vintage skirt. It's really old. I'm ecstatic I found it somewhere deep in my wardrobe! I'll definitely wear it again.

Birthday Girl!! Nothing but legs, seriously.

Gaya in a cute beanie/beret she just purchased. It's really adorable. LOVE her new hair.

I got myself another pair of over the knee socks, but this time in a unique pale mustard colour, with lots of crochet design. Looks so prep and nice. But they make my legs looks like fat hotdogs. =( I am so upset. I really wanna wear them and look good in them but now I realize that my legs are just way too fat. But they are so pretty I don't wanna NOT use them. Plus I love socks and stockings so much. They are my absolute faves! I love them better than jeans and skirts. However, I won't be able to wear them, or at least look good wearing them if I continue to eat like an effing Hippopotamus on Crack. I've stopped posting looks on my Lookbook simply 'cos I'm not skinny enough to be a part of them and look good amongst the sea of beautiful, thin people with fab clothes. Moreover, I'm already so short. I need to keep an eye on my weight.

Maybe I'll start next week. After I finish all my lovely snacks in my house.


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