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12:47 PM

Good morning, everyone!

Or afternoon. Technically but I am still having my breakfast so I will say it's still morning in My World. I don't really have much planned today except to study a bit for my language paper this Tuesday and maybe watch 'Charlie Bartlett' 'cos I heard that it was a pretty decent movie. I haven't watch Harry Potter yet, mind you.

Okay, you can stop going ballistic and pick that jaw off the floor now.

I know I must be mental for not watching it yet when it has been open in the cinema for quite some time now already. But I PROMISE I will most definitely watch it very soon. I wanna watch it with Diyanah since it is our Potter Tradition to watch it with each other every time it's released. And since she's working as an intern, it's been pretty busy for her. But hopefully, she'll have some time off soon and I will finally get to watch Harry Potter 7 so that I gush all about it here on my blog like everyone else who has watched it. I heard it was fantastic! But then again, the people that I've asked were die-hard potter fans so I;m sure they would've enjoyed it anyway.

Speaking of movies, I've been watching quite a lot lately. But rather old movies mostly. I have no one to go to the cinemas with me 'cos I am sad like that. Anyway, I've been catching up on all the movies that I've missed out 'cos of school and life, in general. Since I've got the time now, I thought I could watch them all at once this month. But I'm finding a bit of trouble looking for good movies. Any recommendations??

SO FAR, I am totally falling in love with Michael Cera, though I have always loved him ever since 'Superbad'. But now more so than ever, after watching all his latest movies (except 'Paper Hearts', the one with him and this weird chinese kid falling in love or smth. She's a KID. Like for real. She honestly looks about 12). I think 'Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist' will be in my top 5 favourite movies for a very long time. It's soooooooooo good. And the story is something I have always dreamed of. A serendipitous meeting with some cute guy from a band and then you later realize that he is your perfect match.

God, I am such a girl.

I can't help it! Plus the leads are so cute together. ALSO, I'd like to say that 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World' is fucking awesome!! I freakin' love that movie!! It has everything I want in a movie. Cute & awkward lead guy, spunky lead girl, a tad bit of romance, loads of laughs and most of all, kickass action scenes that involves kungfu and all sorts of fighting. What more can I want? It's like a show that was made for me. Totally worth watching and I will probably watch it again 'cos it's just so damn awesome.

Which reminds me, I should watch 'Kickass' 'cos I heard that the name befits the movie. Hells yeah.

Moving on...

I promised you a review of the new My Chemical Romance album and so here it is. IT ROCKS. I just thought those two words sum it up quite nicely. I admit that at first it was a little strange. And I don't really know if I would like it after I heard it once through. It's like trying new exotic foods or changing sex positions when you only knew this one particular way. (I do apologize for weird metaphors but it does make sense) But now I really like it alot. It's good that I didn't like straight of the bat 'cos then I won't get the pleasure of listening to it intently and finding something good in each song and slowly loving it more and more. Like meeting someone and gradually growing closer to them. I think that kind of thing lasts longer than love at first sight (or sound, in this case).

My favourite songs are 'Na Na Na', 'The Only Hope For Me Is You', 'DESTROYA', 'Vampire Money' and 'Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back'. The rest are awesome too. The only song I'm not that fond of is 'SING', which is one of their main singles. I just think that the melody is weird (especially the chorus), the notes are like out of nowhere and it does not sound like MCR at all. But then again, that's just my opinion.

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