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1:15 PM

And so it turns out that my relief of exams is rather short-lived. Seeing as I have a language exam this week and next week. I've got oral this week (tomorrow actually) and then the paper itself is on tuesday.

SO, I still have to study, while everyone else is having the time of their lives. Story of life, seriously. I'm so sick of studying too. These next two weeks (including this one) will be a tad bit stressful for me. I've got a lot on my mind. Who says the holidays would be uneventful and boring. I was actually kinda hoping to just chill and do absolutely nothing, except maybe go shopping every now and again, for the entire month since I only have ONE MEASLY MONTH before I am shoved back into that hellhole that is NUS. Unfortunately, I've got alot going on this December. Which makes for a busy month, against my will.

Well, I did ask for it. I bit off more than I can chew but I don't care. It is all part of my plan to achieve my life's goal. Which I will share later at the end of the year, as part of my new year's post.

Which reminds me...

IT IS DECEMBER ALREADY?!! WHUT?! Was it just me or did 2010 FLEW by in a blink of an eye. I could've sworn that it was still the beginning at 2010 practically yesterday and now we're already reaching the end of the year. What did I even DO this year?? I doubt I did much. And I felt as if I have wasted a good portion of my year here in front of the laptop or on Alex Junior (my PSP). I should stop doing this, being addicted to the net. I need to get more social and meet more people NOW before it's too late and I am old and no one wants to be friends with me anymore. (Growing old is my biggest fear) My mom is pretty worried about me since I keep hanging out with girls all the time. I think she thinks that I will convert to lesbianism or smth. HAHA! And I think I know why. It's 'cos she say my 'my chemical romance' folder and I had a picture of Gerard and Frank as my laptop wallpaper for a while. They were kissing on stage. HAHAHA! I think my mom saw that and got treally worried. She's been talking to me about boys recently, which I found weird and sudden. I think this is why.

She can't comprehend the fact that I am straight and I don't mind seeing other dudes/girls kiss. And she does not know that once you've seen Brokeback Mountain and been on tumblr, you get desensitized to these things. Just so you know, Gerard and Frank look so hot together and they are so pretty, they are my favourite couple. Eventhough they are married now and have wives and kids. They look better together than they do with their wives. Maybe it's just the fangirl in me talking.

This was not the picture. But I just wanted to show you how cute they are! =) I changed my wallpaper to Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. HAHA So I hope she gets the idea and stop going all 'worried-mom-troubled-teen' on my ass.

(Shit. I realized smth and had to edit this post after I published it. I AM NOT A TEEN ANYMORE. UGH. I seriously need to drill that in my head and sop acting like one. God.)

Okay, crap, crap. I've spent way too much time blogging. And I need to study or else I have to RETAKE the entire level for my language class all over again. NOOO way I'm letting that happen. Talk to y'all again soon.

Wish me luck!


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