Do-Nothing day.

11:00 AM

It's Do-Nothing Day, everyone! =D

At least, for me it is. And I have missed the days when I just do nothing but laze around at home, spend hours browsing the web without searching for anything in particular. And just staying in bed the entire day. Today I have an exhaustive list of things to do on this special day (the day after the last day of exams). I'm gonna be real busy.

1. Dye my roots/hair
2. Make myself a cup of coffee... Maybe 2 cups since I'm having a splitting headache

3. Eat everything in the fridge

4. Blog

5. Go on tumblr (all the time)
6. Put on my face mask

7. Do my nails

8. Watch 500 Days of Summer

9. Sleep (if possible)
10. Watch Juno (at night)

Okay, phew!! As you can see, I have a really exhausting day up ahead. Loads of things to do. And so far I'm only done with task number 2 and I'm in the midst of task number 3.

Eventhough I am so completely broke out of my mind, I just cut into my savings like a loser to buy stuff for myself yesterday 'cos it was the last day of the exams and I wanted to reward myself with shopping. 'Cos I am a girl. And there is NOTHING in this world that is better than the feeling of buying stuff that you don't necessarily need but really want. At first I really wanted to buy a dress for myself. And like some sweaters. But that's the wonderful thing about shopping, it never goes the way you expect it. So, after trying one on, I'm gonna purchase a pair of thigh high leather boots. I don't care if people will label me as 'hooker-wannabe' or a show-off, I just want one to add to my shoe collection and I kinda wanna experiment and try out the dingy Taylor Momsen look. When else can I wear it except now, when I am a young adult.

And then I stuck to my shopping list and bought myself a tube of lipstick. Actually, I wanted to buy MAC's Morange Amplified lipstick, which is an almost fluorescent shade of orange. But Gaya told me not to buy it yet and buy instead a tube of proper red lipstick first (with a hint of orange) before I jump into the 'Ke$ha' wagon. I was like FIIIIIINNNEEEE. But I am so gonna buy it next month. Orange lips are so awesome. But I really love the shade of red I bought from Sephora. It's really bold and pops so, I can't wait to wear it out with just mascara and a little liner. It would be my FRENCH LOOK!!

Gaya bought a tube of burgundy lipstick. At first I was like WHOA, Goth much. It was really rich and almost maroon. But she just tried it on for the fun of it and surprisingly it looked really great on her. It was highlighted her lips without making her look like a corpse (which I had expected to happen). And so we walked out of Sephora with our tubes of lipstick and went out to shop a little more.

The lipstick was the highlight of my shopping really. 'Cos I have always wanted to wear a shade like that. I have been wearing Nivea Lipbalm and nude shades all my life. Now that I am 20 and an adult, I can wear lipstick without my parents screaming at me to 'act my age' and not try to look so old. Eventhough American girls wear lipstick at the tender age of 14. So, NOW, my mum can't say anything. I know that I am Asian... Or Middle Asian (whatever). And I know that this is just the result of the media and the Western values it has instilled in my subconscious. But I do wish I was more Caucasian looking simply 'cos I lean towards the western form of beauty. I love the oriental beauty too! Don't get me wrong, just that I just wish I had the whole light-coloured eyes and fair, pastey skin and light-coloured hair. AND their height and leg proportions. AND facial features such as their sharp noses and such.

I know. I am a total loser for saying that. And I should be happy with myself and blah blah blah 'Oprah speech' blah blah.

But I can't really help it. I wish I could completely alter myself to look like HER (Liv Tyler).

I'm afraid I can't pull off the look. But I really wanna try it at least. Then I know that I tried it out. My mum has these old polaroids and photos of herself being all 80s and hippie with the big hair and baggy clashing clothes and then my dad had these really cool photos of him with his friends wearing bell-bottoms, band tees, with a mustache and smoking. They had fun finding out who they are while they were young. but that was mostly 'cos they didn't live in Singapore back then and they can be whoever the hell they wanna be over there. Pictures of them dating and in concerts and on road trips with a bunch of friends. It looks super cool. And then I think about my youth and my pictures of nothing but Orchard Road. It's really sad.

And then there's the fear of dressing up and being outlandish 'cos of the stupid public transport and how everyone will just STARE at you like you're an alien and how you can hear people whispering and judging you. Saying how impractical your clothings are and whatnot. There is seriously, nothing in this country.

Somehow, my senseless do-nothing bimbo post about shopping became a self-reflection of my youth and this country. God. I should stop over-analysing things. The bottom line is, at the very least, eventhough everyone else will judge me if I wear my future thigh-high boots and red lips, I know that my closest friends won't.

'Cos they accept me for who I am and who I will be. And who knows who I'll be in the next few months?

Youth = Experimentation

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