Happy Danger Day.

9:40 AM


This is so freakin' awesome, I can't even think straight! Right, so yesterday was a pretty good day spent alone and being my own company. Realized that I am a fun person to hang out with. I doused myself in insane amounts of coffee as I foresee that I will somehow pass out and fall asleep during the boring History/Nation-building paper I had that day, and it worked! I stayed awake and to be honest, I thought the questions were quite fun to do. They were much broader than I expected so I managed to smoked something out of it. And then, I headed immediately to HMV 'cos earlier that afternoon I received a call to say that Danger Days has arrived.


So I went there in the evening and got my CD along with a free poster!! Although I am not planning on replacing my old MCR poster that's hanging in my room, simply 'cos there's Bob there and I MISS BOB. *sobs* I have heard the songs and get this, the genre is no longer emo-rock as it was in previous albums. But now it's under 'PUNK'?!! I was like whuuuut. C'mon, MCR. Why the sudden change? Well, I won't post a review of the album just yet as I only heard the album once through. I would need some time to actually listen to them properly. But it is safe to say that this is supremely different from the usual brand of music that MCR dishes out. Which is rather nice but at the same time rather disappointing 'cos there was nothing wrong with their old brand of music.

Marriage just changes everything. God.

It's so obvious that these tracks were made post-marriage. It's less hardcore and more mellow. Okay, I won't say anymore. But what I will say is that I am so happy that I got FRANK LERO for my promo sticker. 'Cos if you buy the album now, they have a special promo sticker inside. Obviously I was hoping to get Gerard or Frank. And on my way home, I will guiltily admit that I was hoping it wasn't Ray. Don't get me wrong, I love that guy. He is filled with nothing but awesomeness from his roots of his afro to the tips of his toes. But I still have my favourites. And lately, I have been liking Frank more and more. So when I opened up the CD case as found the Frank sticker I was ecstatic!

HMV is a super awesome place, really. But I missed the old one at Heeren which had like 3 levels (or was it 4?) and I could spend hours there listening to new bands and looking at album art and the headphones. Speaking of headphones, I am absolutely DYING to get my hands on a pair of Urbanears headphones. Especially since my current earphones are screwing up. But OMFG, they cost a BOMB. 100 bucks practically. Yet, they seem so worth it 'cos they look so damn gorgeous. I'll have to analyse my budget and see if I can afford it somehow. =(

Alrighty, so in about afew hours I'll be having my New Media paper, which will be in MCQ (Holla!) but I've only studied it for like 3 measly hours and just breezed through the lecture notes. It was all Alex Day's fault and I watched his entire 'Alex Reads Twilight' series last night. Well, I do admit that the fault is partially mine, but mostly it's his fault 'cos how can I NOT click on the next video? It's so bloody addictive.

I have had 2 hours of sleep YET AGAIN. Big surprise there (NOT). I do hope I can last the day 'cos I've got language class tonight. Which btw, I am totally screwed for since I have not touched the homework my teacher gave us. Not to mention there's a spelling test and 2 essays to finish.

OH, WELL. I'll figure something out. Somehow.

(On a side note: This is my 333th post! Congrats to me.)

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