Exam insomnia.

4:19 AM

Let me just say that it is, in fact, 5.12AM and I am still wide awake and browsing through youtube.

On the day of my exam.

Brilliant, really.

I predict that I will have about 2 hours of proper sleep before I wake again. It is a VICIOUS cycle. God knows how I will keep my head on straight during the paper. Which I know will be dead boring. (Why the fuck did I take up a level 2000 history module is beyond me. I was completely misled by the course description and was tricked into this stupid module which I utterly DESTEST. AND I was probably possessed) I just hope I don't randomly fall asleep during the paper. 'Cos I do that. Like just randomly fall asleep without me realizing and then there is this awkward moment when I dunno what time or day it is and I get pissed off at myself for falling asleep.

RIGHT. I have to somehow get myself sleepy or exhausted so, I dunno. I'm gonna put on a face mask and pretend I'm in some relaxing spa. Hopefully, I would get some sleep out of it.

DAMN INSOMNIA. And on my EXAM day of all times.

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