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I must share this with you, because I am a geek and this is wayyyy too good. For those of you who actually know me, you would know that I am somewhat a boy in disguise 'cos I have a huge fetish for video and arcade games. I used to spend hours and money on them and play for hours. I'm not really a PC gaming type 'cos I just don't wanna slow down my PC like that. And I get scared doing the whole multiplayer thing where I actually have to interact with other gamers. I am a lone gamer and am happy with just a simple PSP or the occasional PS3 and Wii.

I have to warn you: This is an EXTREMELY GEEKY POST. And I think for those of you who can't stomach this much geek jargon and game talk, DO NOT READ THIS 'cos I don't want you guys to hate me. Haha!

I just spent a good portion of my weekend on my PSP 'cos I just got this game (which to be honest is pretty old. Just that, I finally decided to give it a try since I have totally exhausted my DJ Max Portable 3). And it FREAKIN' ROCKS!! It's so exciting and the graphics are cool (for something that old) and the story mode kills! Don't judge me but you should totally give 'Star Wars: The Force Unleashed' a try.


How COOL does that look?! I'm not exactly an avid star wars fanatic. But I did watch all the movies including the ones with Princess Leia and Han Solo (Best Intergalactic couple ever). But I don't know all the creatures names and the planets and those hardcore stuff that those hardcore fans know. I just enjoy the series as a sci-fi movie saga and that's about it. So I didn't try out any of the games, eventhough there were lots of positive reviews. Out of a whim, I just decided to try this game and OMFG. I am hooked. I am only taking a break to eat now and maybe read some notes for my test tmr, before I plunge back into the game. The problem with me is that I don't stop until the entire game is completed and I went past all the levels. It's really bad, I know.

But anyway, for anyone who has a game console, you should try this game out. It is REALLY REALLY FUN. The light saber battles are cool and don't even get me STARTED on the Force Powers. I feel so badass when I attack them with my force powers and choke them and shoot lightning at all the good guys. Oh, yeah. We're playing the bad guy in the story so that's even MORE badass. Being Dark Vader's apprentice is freakin' awesome. And now I think I have to take down Vader himself at the end. SO EXCITING!! Plus, the controls aren't too hard to master. This kicks Avatar: The Last Airbender game's ass big time. I wish I had an Xbox or a PS3 'cos I saw the graphics of this game on those consoles... It blows my mind. Awesomeness that I can't even put to words.

I'm cool with my PSP although now I kinda wanna buy a proper game console. Maybe next time when I've started working part time and then I can save up enough money to get myself one. 'Cos the 'Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2' came out recently but it's only on the major game consoles, and they don't have the PSP version. Shit, mann. It looked so good from the trailer and the graphics. There are more levels and secret stuff in the new one that just came out. Such a shame I won't get to play it. Oh, well. I'll just have to make do with the first one. Which still is extremely kickass.

Btw, the new DJ Max Portable 3 came out recently this year and it is awesome. It will forever be one of my favourite games to play. Eventhough I am not one of those demented players who can play 6 buttons at the hardest level with that remix button. And when they play you can hardly see the notes coming down the screen 'cos it's so fast. Those people are CRAZY. I am just an average player, who's just in it for the fun and the good music.



I do apologize for my momentary geekiness. Tomorrow will be my language test and I haven't finished studying so I should get that done asap. And the day before yesterday, Diyanah came over to my place after what seemed like forever and we had a good time talking.

Which reminds me, Jenny is coming back soon!! I AM SO HAPPY I'll get to see her after months of her living in the UK. I can't wait to catch up. I forsee alot of shopping ahead of me. Now that my shopping buddy is back in town.

Oh, God. I hope my pocket can handle it.

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