Zac Efron's Pretty Reckless

10:57 PM

Hello, everyone!

I know I've been posting alot these few days but I can't seem to help myself. Alex Senior (my laptop) is always switched on and I haven't an outlet for all my thought seeing as I somehow lost my journal in the jungle that is my room. ALSO, blogger (and tumblr apparently) is a very good procrastination device.

You will be glad to know that today the swelling went down and I could eat normal foor again. And it's safe to say that I went crazy. I ate everything in sight! Today, I had two cups of coffee, chocolates, cookies, mochi, avocado dessert, papaya and my mum's AWESOME Beef Noodles. And that was just dinner! Now I am high on food and I am feeling pretty good!!

Of course, I know that the glucose will eventually fade into my system and I will be down in the pits again soon. But for now, I feel really good and am singing along to my new favourite band 'The Pretty Reckless'.

UGHH, OMG! I hate the fact that I actually like this band 'cos I tried SOOO hard not to like it. I usually don't judge music. Hence, I like a massive variety of music. BUT the lead singer of this band is none other than Taylor Momsen (aka Jenny Humphrey, the bitch of Gossip Girl who I just wish will die in a car accident or smth in the story so that her character will just die off). The mv was psychotic and kinda disturbing with her stripping in one mv and then the other one, she just looks possessed and was crawling around the table like that girl from Exorcist.

Correction: She looked possessed in BOTH the music videos.

But then I suddenly found the song stuck in my head and when I closed my eyes, I realized that her voice was actually really nice (doesn't match her face AT ALL) and the songs were really good. Then I listened to the whole album and against my will, I LIKED IT ALOT. So now I am constantly listening to them. UGH. Hate myself for that. If only her character wasn't such a blood-sucking demon in Gossip Girl and if only she looked more normal and doesn't try SO HARD to be badass. I mean, you're just 17 for God's sake and you already look dead. That's jumping the gun a little too far, don't you think?

Can you believe it? 3 years younger than me!

DAMN, I feel old now. I AM SO OLD. I miss the days when I can just eat whatever I wanted to without worrying I'll grow fat. And I miss the days when I had energy and when my hair was thicker. Okay, I sound like I'm 50, but whatever.

By the way, Charlie St. Cloud is a good movie! Just thought I should let the world know. Zac Efron is mighty fine in that show.

Maybe it's 'cos Vanessa Hudgen's annoying voice and face wasn't there to make me roll my eyes 900 times, so I could actually stare at the screen and concentrate. Plus, his acting has gotten better. Bottom line, Zac is damn hot in that movie, so you should watch it. OH, and the storyline is decent as well. Although the ending was a little blah and things didn't make sense in the middle, I am willing to close one eye and enjoy the general idea of the story, which is about moving on and accepting death as part of life. Also the fact that there is a reason behind every meeting and a meaning in every life. Second chances are a rare gift. And that pain is there to remind us that we are alive.

That sort of thing.

But seriously, Zac is super hot there. So watch it. =)

OKAY. I am supposed to be writing my paper now, but as usual, I am procrastinating. I should start now so that I can get at least 4 hours of sleep tonight. GO GO GO.

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